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After placing my order of 2 bean burritos, one with no onion and one with onions. The onions were put on the outside of my burrito. I ordered additional items as well, all to go items I didn't leave the restaurant until 4:59!!! Why is that, you ask? I don't know either, when I asked to speak to a manager, I was told by Randy? (Tall man with glasses and guaged ears) Not sure of the name because none of the employees had a name tag on. Anyway, ... Read more

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I was at your Livonia taco bell today 8-28-16, I was in the drive thru and had 5 cars in front of me, I waited 5 minutes and no cars moved, so I pulled around and went inside to order and I stood there for another 3 minute and I was not greeted at all because all the workers were working on the one drive thru order that had about 18 meals to it, these orders should be handled by one or two people so other orders can still be processed? Very Poor... Read more

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I am sorry butt...The Taco Bell herein Chickasha Oklahoma, is a joke!!! Either you don't pay your employees Enough.... Or they just really don't give a ***!!! I quit going through the drive-through because my order is always wrong, even when I go inside everybody seems so rude just because you want to stand there and make sure the order is right the first time so you don't get home and find out differently then ... But I promise you........ Read more

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We visited the Taco Bell restaurant today, August 26,2016. I do not have a store # as I didn't receive a receipt. The store was not busy as it was 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Every table was littered with food as was the floor. As I picked up my order I could see that the floor in the kitchen was also littered with food. To say the least the store was very unclean. The store that I am speaking of is on South Washington St. in Grand Forks,... Read more

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Guy in parking lot smoking *** atleast three times a day. And supervisors are aware and allow this wirhout punching out . Juan Degado is his name and he works Day shift in portage. On westnedge. This is a pure spectacle

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I have visited the Taco Bell near my house often. The last three times I've ordered bean burritos, no cheese with a substitute of my choosing. They have gotten them wrong every time even after confirming my order on the screen. The wait time for 11:30 at night is ridiculous. (10 minutes) wtf is so fast about that? Anyway I get home and I notice the standard red sauce and tomatoes I ordered werent in any of the burritos I ordered. In addition the... Read more

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I went to the store# 027780 located at 1717 E. Vista Chino St. Bldg. E Palm Springs, CA. 92262 at 9:11 pm on 8-25-2016 and wasn't amused by service or beverage ordered. My mother decided to repeat order while at the teleprompter to make sure order was heard correctly. The employee named Shatavah W. as named on the receipt, decided to rudely interrupt my mom and repeat order as she heard it then asked in an abrupt voice "Is there anything else... Read more

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m writing this with great disbelief and severe disappointment. I visited this outlet and ordered a chhesy potato burrito . I specifically asked the woman taking the order to make it vegetarian without my meat. I trusted her & proceededtoeatmyorder.Ifoundsomethingamisswiththecontentbutignored,laterintheeveningI researched and found that the odd content was in fact the standard seasoned beef used by taco bell.Being a practising Hindu vegetarian... Read more

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Taco Bell in Louisville, KEYat Preston Why and Phillips In had an employee refuse service to 5 police officers who came in to eat during their break. The employee was overheard stating his intent to "mess with the officers" at which point they left and went elsewhere. Taco Bell's response is that is will "retrain employees at that location". Unbelievable! Because improper training was the issue here, right? No one trained this young man that you... Read more

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I had a problem with a cashier her name tag said jen. She was very rude and acted like she did not want to take my order

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