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Get green sauce back Add comment

Service is extremely slow. I've been waiting in line now for 40 minutes and have not given my order. Taco Bell cannot be considered fast food at this poibt Add comment

We went into the Taco Bell on 120 and Colorado Blvd at 1200 pm on 5/29/2016. We ordered 6 tacos and 2 drinks It took ALL of us there more than 35 minutes to get our tacos. There were people there that waited longer than us, one gentleman asked for his money back and they refused. The "store manager" , a young man of about 19-20. Should be terminated. He sat in the booth next to us , ignoring the issues and talking to a fellow employee about... Read more

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the food has become a garbage pail. in the 70's the burritos were nice hot steaming xtra large tortillas filled with hot beans, taco bell's sauce, cheese and chopped onions if desired. folded, so open on one end to add hot sauce. pretty nice . today you get a rolled up ball of sticky dough with cold beans that resembles a camel turd. an enchirito made with soggy four tortilla. raw cheese nor olive and some kind of ugly sauce . the employees... Read more

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I went through the drive through in Battle Creek, MI on Beckley Road on May 20th. After waiting over 20 minutes to get to the take out window I was informed that they had run out of taco meat. What the heck!!!! This is the second time this has happened to me at the same location in the past month. Only about three weeks before my husband and I took two of our grandkids there for dinner. We went in to dine and were promptly informed that... Read more

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That was so disrespectful and he accuse me of telling one of the employees that I told them I didn't get none of my food but I handed her a whole bag of most of my food he's going to say he heard me tell her I don't get none of my food and he came and approached me very disrespectful and threatening I was kinda intimidated and scared for my life I had to call the police because they end up taking my money in the pool and didn't want to give me... Read more

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Taco bell on Mormon coulee has the worste service. The drive through people are very rude, had to wait over 20 min to get food.very very poor service. The ladies name was Jessica. Very rude Add comment

Hey Good morning so last night I went to Taco Bell for a late night I pulled up Thur the drive thru and the employee at the window was having a hard time hearing me I decided to go in. While inside I had to wait 10 minutes before I could be serviced then and additional 15 minutes to receive my food. Once I got home I noticed one of the burritos I ordered was not in the bag and the second burritos the cheesy potatoes burrito I had ordered was... Read more

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Never get the orders right! Lakewood Colorado, 17 Sheridan Add comment

Gave me the wrong *** food! Waited for an hour!! On 20 and Sheridan Add comment

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