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A bug was in the middle of my Taco Bell Stacker. No REAL COURTESY given for this and the same employee who seems to have purposely done this, is still employed.

Previously, I reported this same girl after an encounter in the drive through more than a month ago, now the second time I order from her, NOW THIS??? Yikes! NOT ENOUGH COURTESY GIVEN! I use to stop by for both breakfast and lunch (4-5 times weekly), I have not had the desire to eat at that Taco Bell since that day.

I don't feel that just giving me a refund ( not yet received) is enough. After reporting this same girl twice, she is still there. I have lived in the area for the past 20 years and have never had this problem with any fast food restaurant. Infact Taco Bell was one of my favorite, which I frequented the most.

The fact that this girl, who was rude, disrespectful the first time gave me food with a bug in it 2nd time was disrespectful, yet I am told I can get a refund, while I avoid, what was once my favorite fast-food restaurant.

At some point, I would like to get my money back and also, receive COMPLIMENTARY CREDIT that will allow me to use my credit at any Taco Bell. After what happened I think I'm going to take a break from my local Taco Bell, especially with this girl still there?

Review about: Taco Bell Taco.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Taco Bell has only mailed coupon with sorry note and has not given me my money back??? Girl still works there too? UNBELIEVABLE!I will update further, if anything else happens following.

to Anonymous #1458749

Coupons sent for a different location, NOT ABLE TO BE USED in my region


Stop putting bugs in the food hoping for a payoff.You eat there multiple times weekly even after a previous insect incident ?Why don't you appreciate the favor they're doing you by keeping that miserable food out of your body and their greasy fingers out of your wallet ?Leave them alone, stay away, learn to cook, and for the sake of all that is sane stop putting insects into your food.

to Kevin #1458751

Apparently you misunderstood the initial complaint.


That is completely unacceptable! A bug in food AND no resolution!

How will they stay in business like this? Avoid that location!


You should be compensated for that, they’re playing with fire... they should want to avoid litigation...

bugs in food that’s grounds for a department of health complaint...

you should call them definitely, which Taco Bell ? You should take a photo and put it on social media

to Ladyday123 #1437811

No, drama queen, they are not "playing with fire" and there will be no litigation because there was no damage.Anyone who doesn't realize what happens in restaurants is hopelessly naïve or woefully uniformed ; the same things can happen at anyone's home or picnic.There is room for a complaint to local health authorities or restaurant inspector.Do not call ; write and send via Certified Mail return receipt requested.Or just FORGET IT.

to Clark #1459405

A home or picnic is not a place of business....not a food business. There is a different responsibility given to a food business.

They are supposed to be professionals and treat their business with heightened awareness and consciousness of everything regarding quality and customer satisfaction. There is a reputation to protect. If the customer is not being put in the center of your business, there is no business. Who wants to travel to a food store for a meal, pay their money and open a package to see a surprise like a bug?

But okay...if it happens, it would feel a lot better if the company does everything in their power to make it right.

The problem here is that's where the ball was dropped. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

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