There was a large piece of plastic in my childs burrito.I called the store and the manager told me that she could remake the burrito and give me a free cake or churro or "something" the next time i came in.

What i want is to be able to get some food without having to worry if my child is going to choke on something which was completely avoidable in the first place.

I have tweeted, filed out a customer survey and tagged taco bell in a face book post and have not heard back yet.This is the last time we go there.

Review about: Taco Bell Burrito.


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update: I heard back from taco bell on facebook and the store manager via phone call.they assured me they would fire the employee who said they raped my childs burrito and left a piece of condom in it and will get to the bottom of it.

Feel much better about the situation. I know mistakes happen, I dont need another free .99 burrito. My family rarely eats fast food but we moved to the area this past weekend and I didnt have the ability to cook... so please refrain from judging what you dont know.

Yeah the death burrito was just a funny topic. I was upset we found plastic in the food but the whole family really kinda laughed at it after initial shock passed...

Until i got the rape response.then i was livid.

Concord, California, United States #653436

Death burrito??A little overboard don't you think?

Not that big of deal.But it sounds like your itty-bitty-little-feelings got hurt and now you're blasting someone for a (small) human mistake.

to meowyin #1001785

If your child would have eaten that burrito you would feel the same way she did. That "small human mistake" could have taken a childs life.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #653435

All of these "complaints" are fake.The poster doesn't have the ability to write more than 5-6 lines.

Take a look at most consumer based complaint sites like rip off report and compare the writing styles to this. This is 21st century digital extortion !


to Fake posting #654119

this is not fake.I assure you this happened.

I was jut going to write simply "plastic i found in my daughters burrito" but i had to write 100 words.

to Fake posting #936090

Fake report, what is wrong with you Fake posting? You are a fake commenter that gets his  kicks out of makeing posts on all of the complaints on this site that contibute nothing but a negative response trying to get a rise out of people. LOL

to iamso1 #936101


Richardson, Texas, United States #653256

Actually you should prepare your child's meal's yourself.And also i do not believe what you are stating in this post.You are a total ***.And i cannot believe you have a child.Hope this child does not end up like you a lier.

to Anonymous Oakland, California, United States #653440

Before you give advice first you need to learn how to spell its spelled LIAR not LIER ,YOU SHOULD have PAYED ATTENTION IN SCHOOL. And it's a capital I not a lower case i . :?

First Born Triplet
to dave Markham, Ontario, Canada #832929

No offence but it is paid not paid. You tell him to pay attention in school. Lol

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