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My family and I decided to eat lunch at a Taco Bell (store# 002924) in Metairie, LA. As my family went to the table to set up, I went to the counter to order.

I wasn't ready to order just yet, so I told the gentleman behind me to go ahead as I continued to look over the menu. When he was finished, I still hadn't found what I was looking for on the menu so, I asked the female at the register, "I want to get some Doritos Tacos, how do they come in a pk. of 6, 12, 24"? She then told me I could order the #11, which was my choice of 10, tacos, burritos, or soft tacos.

I said, "that's fine give me an order of nacho, please." She began to ring up my order, then stepped away from the register for a moment, came back and said to me, "you can't get that, the Doritos tacos don't come with the #11!" I then asked her again, "ok, well, how do they come, 6, 12, 24, what kind of box?" She rolled her eyes and VERY rudely said, "they don't come in a box!" I said "ok", "how do they come, how can I get them, do I have to order them one by one, do y'all have any kind of specials?" "Yeah, that's how you order them," she said, with large attitude, "You understand?" I then, with frustration, said, "NO, frankly I DON'T!!" At that point I raised my voice and asked if someone else could help me!! The very nice young man that walked up asked to help me, at that point I explained, exactly as I had to her, what I wanted. He asked me, "so, a BOX of 12 would be Ok, ma'am?" I said "YES!" "Thank You!" As I was placing my order the female (Miaya P.) that I was trying to get help from prior to the young man, went over to another female and began laughing and saying very degrading and rude things. She then walked back up to the counter and stood there, I gave her the money and she left it laying there.

At that point I said to her, "I don't know if I came off wrong, if so, I apologize!" She looked at me and said, "you're out ya pocket!" I said, "excuse me, are you implying that I paid too much?" She, "NO!" For, you know, how you just apologized, you're out ya pocket!" I just said, "ok, thanks." I then stood there waiting for her to pick up my money, and she just stood there looking at me as if I was extremely annoying her. So, I then picked up my money and handed it to her. She snatched the money from me, and smacked her teeth. Again, I assume I was annoying her.

She then gave me my change, while rolling her eyes at me. While I was standing by the sauces in the dining area, she went out of her way, on three different occasions, to come from behind the counter into the dining area, to pretend that she was straightening out the sauces, looked me in the eyes and then rolled her eyes at me. I assume to intimidate me? Then, finally, after we sat down to eat, not that I could after this non-sense, my husband went to the counter to get a bag so we could take our food home.

He stood at the counter for almost ten min. while she ignored him, until another lady walked up and he then asked her for a bag. I've been eating at Taco Bell my entire life, I've had a few bad experiences, nothing to really make a fuss over, we've all had them. But, NEVER, in 32 yrs.

in any place I've EVER eaten, have I been treated with PURE DISRESPECT!! I work in customer service, I just can't fathom how this person has a job.

Very displeased! Food was great though!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. jlcallaway143 is overall dissatisfied with Taco Bell. The most disappointing about taco bell customer care at Taco Bell was attitude of the girl miaya p , but reviewer liked food was great. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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