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I was at Taco Bell 1131 West Government St in Brandon MS last night. I got in line at 7:00 pm exactly because I had just happened to look at the clock because I was running late.

The drive thru line has a curb going around as to prevent anyone from pulling out. As there were cars in front and behind me, I was stuck waiting. When I ordered, I had to keep explaining what I wanted to order as the menu screen was incorrect. The female worker was very rude about not understanding me.

When I finally arrived at the window to pay, and I am completely honest here, the time was exactly 7:57 pm !!!!! I had actually waited in the drive thru line for almost an hour. FOR FAST FOOD !!! Words can not describe my rage!!

I asked the cashier (Yasmine) what the hold up was, she very rudely told me that Taco Bell is just a popular place. Seriously?? My wait had nothing to do with them being popular! It had to do with them being slow!!

I tried to call the phone number on my receipt several times last night as well as today. They have a FAX number listed on the receipt so that calling them is impossible. Did I go into the store after that?

Well, no I didn't as I was already an hour late getting home to my sitter and I was pretty sure if there was a manager on duty, that person would not be of any help. For reference, my order was # 313348 This will probably go unanswered as well but on the off chance that anyone that gives a *** will read this, I thought I would add my story.

Review about: Taco Bell Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Waiting an hour in the drive thru line, Was workin at window, Cust service or food, Way i was treated, Feeling ignored.

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