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The reason I'm writing this is due to what happend to my boyfriend and his mother the other day while eating taco bell. My boyfriend went up to taco bell to get food for him and his mother. While he was receiving his food from the drive thru window the workers inside kept staring at him and laughing. First of all, RUDE! You just don't do that to your customers.

He then took the food home and was a little concerned about eating it but because both of them were really hungry they went ahead and ate it anyway. Well the next day, they both had really bad diarreah. I am convinced that a practical joke was played on both of them.

I really wish Taco Bell would stop hiring ignorant children to work for them. They WILL go down hill if they do not do something about this customer service issue. I have had many down falls with this Taco Bell. The "ignorant children" that work in the evening are rude to customers and rediculously slow about making food. In the evening's it is no longer fast food. Plus it's usually ALL COLD food. Definatly not one of my prefered places to eat when I get home late. If that is the manager's/owner's objective, to turn people off of their food, they are doing a great job.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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This commonly happens when people eat Taco Bell. That is wear the nick name "Taco ***" comes from.

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