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Meat was found in my vegetarian Cantina Bowl and also in the sauce that was poured on the bean and cheese enchirito. Being a vegetarian you can imagine.

Pics available as evidence. Workers clothes(sweat shirts, groin area of pants, you can imagine the bodily fluids in that area) were brushing against the tortillas that were laid out on the bar for preparation. Food handlers should wear bib aprons. It was absolutely disgusting.

Toilets had *** splatter. I got a monetary refund but not on my time.

Horrendous Taco *** Horror Show. I don't think I will ever eat here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Taco.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Orange Park, Florida, United States #1201384

We all know you ate off the toilets at Taco Bell and now you're complaining about meat.

to Anonymous #1201385

True they want to complain about the food and toilets Taco Bell isn't a five star restraunt you could always go to your local grocery store to make food.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #870998

why are you eating at taco *** anyway? My sympathy level is pretty low here...it's not like you are at Chipotle or even Moes. You pay $2 for a cantina bowl, you get this...

to truth teller Orange, California, United States #915640

I agree, isn't it funny when people go to fast food restaurants and expect five star restaurant food? They get what they pay for. Food costs money.

to KevinRichards Arvada, Colorado, United States #1107667

this was in Kansas in the middle of nowhere in a rinky *** town. and cleanliness and hygiene should be standard in the food industry regardless of whether it is a five star restaurant or a taco bell. You either have a sense of hygiene or you don't.


Oh the horror! However did you survive?

My gawd, this is so sad! You're so brave, so courageous, such a better person than myself. I would not have lived to tell about it. I hope you're feeling better now!

The world needs fearless leaders such as yourself!

Take care now. Such a trooper, such a trooper.

to Ken Tampa, Florida, United States #907903

You people need to STFU. There are many reasons for Vegetarians, ever here of Crohn's ***?

And if you are sensitive to meat, it becomes a whole night of bathroom fun, from nausea to vomiting, to diarrhea. It can be just as bad as any other food allergy. And honestly, you are trained in food service. If they don't care about an allergy, they need to be shut down.

They probably aren't caring about cross contamination either. Hope you enjoy e coli with your dinner!

to Smithy Orange, California, United States #915641

Doesn't Taco Bell give all those symptoms regardless of whether you eat meat or not?

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