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I've pretty much have had great experiences at any Taco Bell.No problems with food or service really.

What I do have a problem with is your new Taco Bell commercial even mentioning the word ILLUMINATI ,,,,,you just lost a customer!! I will pass the word along to my friends, family, co-workers, customers and anyone who will listen. Have you not learned from the NFL how AMERICANS can destroy a franchise with word of mouth? Your Write a Review sucks because you have to have 100 words before you can send this complaint.


You lost.Shame on you!

Review about: Taco Bell Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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We went to Taco Bell last night and the place was crowded so apparently your pathetic boycott is not working.The commercial was clever and funny, you people are just ridiculous.


i agree with all who said this is a very bad commercial i say down with taco bell there is no telling what they are putting in our food now i think we should protest stop eating in the stores throw crosses at their windows shut them down until they apologise for this commercial


Eat 5 layer and beef salad three four times a week none since the new commercial. Our kids get enough craziness what is taco bell trying to tell them?


The Illuminati commercial is dark and unappealing, I will not be eating at Taco Bell.


Ground beef is never healthy, I like Taco Bell's hot sauces. That's what kept me coming. But after seeing the commercial featuring Illuminaiti, I lost my interest in Taco Bell completely.


yeah...i never eat at taco bell unless its the fourth quarter of the game with 2 seconds left and I need a touchdown so I won't starve.

Now I see with 1 second left I will just starve before going to illuminati, dark state, cabal owned and ran organization...thanks for helping my decision.


Up set use to be customer who try to control or way of thinking against the moral of a family and its together to separate the family belief system of a control society of devil worship the all seeing eye and the pyramid symbol on the dollar bill commercial its bad enough fellow American do not want to engage in our song for the USA I proud to be an American .When this symbol and definition is of the devil promoting child sacrifice to their God the devil .

Taco bell you are a disgrace for having the commercial .I would visit taco bell at least twice a week while traveling to different states well not any more NO MORE TACO BELL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!


What is going on with Taco Bell?I eaten my last taco there based on this commercial.

Executive management fully knows who this ad targets, young adults.Practice your socetial practices killing your own soul not our children.


The last time I ate there the taco salad looked and tasted like wet garbage in a shell, I couldn't eat it!This commercial is the last straw.

Those people are sick.I'll never eat there again,........Sweet Jesus!


As if it's not enough that 12% of the meat is horse meat; source Ny Times I think.Now they have made a illuminati commercial!

Wake up people. For those who don't know or understand unless you do a Lot research; the Illimanti and secret societies practice Luciferian. Luciferian is Devil worshipping very simple. Setting the stage for Anti-Christ and New World Order.

One man keeping these fools in check is Mr. Donald Trump. He tells us these people are out to destroy us. Do not line the pockets of Devil Worshippers.

People do your research layer after layer to understand, what's really going on. The People of the United States have voted; Mr. President Donald Trump will run America. Thank u Mr.

President for fighting battles for us ;most people don't even fully understand.

Keywords for people who want to do the research: Builderburgs,Skull and bones, people in Washington linked to secret societies, Luciferian, Satanism, New World Order, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Antarctica...Good Luck and God Bless.As for me and my family never eating here again.

to Anonymous #1412884

Yes, thank yo Mr. President for running America (into the ground, that is!). What an *** he is.

to Gadad61 #1433031

He’s doing a better job than the last president.

to Anonymous #1436653

At least the last president was able to speak in complete sentences, and without lying too.

to Anonymous #1414676

Sorry to bust your bubble but Trump is also a member of the illuminati. Do your research . The man is pure evil

to Anonymous #1436650

Yes, the people did vote - and they voted for Hillary Clinton. Get it straight, the electoral college voted for Trump, not the majority of the people. He lost the popular vote.


Thanks you Taco Bell for your illuminate commercial now I will never give your business any of my money ever again and I'll make every one I know does not eat there as well. Good luck in the after life. You loose.


My last 3 visits to Taco Bell have not been good.Food was horrible and now this illuminati ad.

So long Taco Bell.I hope Karma bites you in the *ss.


Me too also .I would eat at Taco Bell once a week .

Now forget it .

I won't be back at Taco Bell any more you lost me as a customer .Bad review commercial terrible structure imposing on American trying to force us to believein something we care nothing about yet they don't want you too mention Merry Christmas how awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Mad Use to be customer #1412882

Exactly what do they "force us to believe in"?I don't get it.

And who said anything about being able to say "Merry Christmas"?How do you tie these two together?


Lost all 4 members of my family!

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