l worked at taco bell for about 8 months and have seen alot of *** going on between the employees and the managers. For instance as soon as our ast manager was highered in she told everyone they can smoke pot on the roof ( i dont care if you smoke pot.... But really ?) one of the first things they tell you is there cant be an employee , manager relationship... Well that didnt stop our managers. You cant use other peoples drawers because then if there is a shortage you just got that person fired for what could be your mistake( honestly i love this rule) but then again i hate watching people wait when im doing drive thru and the girl sopose to be doing front counter is talking to people in the back. I have watched the managers on several occasians be an hour or 2 late.. And switch there times on the computer, well that works for them but then why doesnt the same rule apply for me? Oh wait, because there not sopose to do that. After 90 days your sopose to get a 10 cent raise, so why did it take nearly 8 months to get mine.. And why dont i get a check for every 10 cents they have forgotten?

Alright so 2 weeks ago i ended up in the hospital, i had a cyst that had enlarged and ruptured and I started bleeding into my diafram.. Trust me, hurts bad. I was sopose to be at home resting for a week, the doctor said Absolutely dont lift anything, dont bend, and try just sitting down as much as possible or when you lay down stay l

Tilted up.. Hospitals are exspensize and im waiting for my in surance to come through, i went to work. They put me on norco, witch made me feel un alert, and really bubbly.

I couldnt where my taco bell belt, for the first few days my husband was the one helping me step into my own pants ( embaracing... But i cried every time i bent down ) well they tried to put me on food, i refused i said i will do drive thru order taking.. That way theres no bending, no lifting. The only good manager in that place said it was fine and helped me until i was better. I had a place to sit when i needed to and he didnt care about my belt. Well when the head manager came in i told her instantly im not wearing my belt and why ( she rolled her eyes at me ). Makes you feel real small. Well thursday my drive thru partner was super late for work and we were going into lunch rush.. I was doing it by myself. I was taking the orders, cashing people out, tripple checking food, and every 2 seconds there was a new order coming in ( on top of all of that when i hand out your change i am sopose to tell you about the survey you can take and possibly wil $500 and now about our new mobile ordering app that is sopose to save you time.. But it is debateable) . No one came to help me.. I usually repeat orders back to the customers, and i try to be happy and bubbly.. Well its kind of hard when your on pain medicine, and doing a 2 person job by your self the whole rush. Core came thru the drive through that day, and i obviously did poorly.

The next day was weird ( we had no idea at this time there had even been a core ) my friend who was always nice to me and a training mic jumped my throat as soon as i got there, i was looking at what needed to be fried and got yelled at for that, tried to make pico she grabbed my supplys and put them back.. At this point i am pissed. Well she goes and is talking to the manager for awhile and i had to pee really bad.. So i told another training mic, and went.. When i came back she got 2 inches from my nose and yelled at me if i have to go to the bathroom i ask her, i was like alright next time i will rudely interupt and ask permission to go. She got pissed more and rolled her eyes and walked away at the point core came in, i was sopose to be steamer for the day ( im rarely on food, why do that when core is here???) i instantly go and put a taco bell coat on, to cover up the fact im not wearing a belt.. That was hotter then frick! Working the ovens wearing a jacket. I asked the only manager that will actually do somthing to help you and he tried to find an extra belt and told the head manager.. She really got mad at me.. Im not even sopose to wear one in the first place, just trying to help out the store and get out of thinking hot freaking jacket! Needless to say at the end of the day i had 2 write ups, one for being on drive thru and not repeating the order, and another for my pants not being right on my ankle. I tried to explain to the asst manager what was going on, but all she said is your getting wrote up and the head manager says stay away from her because shes pissed at me. So i said well forget about the write ups and dont worry about me getting near a manager i have to work with everyday. I quit, i wont be back tomorrow. I did apologize for not doing my job correctly because I really would have if i hadnt been stuck alone. And that my pants arnt the length they would perfer.. I could understand if they were dragging on the ground or going under my feet.. But my pants didnt even touch the ground. ( rant over )

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I know exactly how stressful running the drive thru alone can be. I did it from 5pm to 2am 5 days a week for months...

Up until the day I quit because I just couldn't do it anymore.

The girl that i replaced after she quit did it for 8 months. It's ridiculous.


I never knew this was going on at taco bells. Very informative.


Man, i just came acriss your review and story. I am sorry for the you were treated.

It seems to run through the taco bell establishment no matter where the business is located. I am a current tacobell employee and i see so much inconsistentcy go on. The food employees such as yourself seem to be the ones who get wrote up.

There is no even treatment and when one trys to stand for what is correct it is turned into something totally different. Thank you for your comment.


I have a court order to see my daughter every other weekend and my rgm has yet to abide by my request. He was quick to tell me how he has a lot going on and that he'll work with me....

then his boss comes in and does the schedule the rgm did not tell his boss which is the district manager my request.

I'm getting very frustrated. I'm trying to get corporate number if my schedule is not what I requested for.


Reading these comments I'm beginning to think that most of the people that comment on these complaints behind the safety of the anonymous button are associates and managers of taco bell trying to discredit others in an attempt to feel better about the fact that they themselves have pulled most of the *** I'm reading about. Why else would some stranger go out of their way to insult someone on a website that's supposed to help the stores customer service?

Spelling errors doesn't mean this person has lied and has nothing to do with their age.

Granted any view from a pissed complainer is probably biased, but I've seen enough behind the scenes to know this happens. Maybe, [instead of worrying about minor details that aren't any of their business ;] ], the anonymous commenter should find something else to do with their time.

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