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We waited 20 minutes. When no order showed up, we went to the counter and were informed that our order was lost.

They made good on the order, and gave us coupons that clearly stated "Free Taco of Your Choice" to use on our next visit. When we returned a few days later, we were informed that we had no choices - could not get the taco supreme, only the basic taco, using the coupon. The woman was surly about it too. I pointed out the "ANY TACO" meant more than the basic taco.

She started arguing so we just left. Del Taco is just down the street and the food is better and employees are happy to oblige customers.

Tried to communicate via Taco Bell customer service feedback and it was a joke ... there isn't one!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Free Taco Of Your Choice Coupon.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I know a guy who quit drinking because of Taco Bell. It was his habit to visit the drive through after the bars closed.

One day while marginally sober, he visited Taco Bell for lunch and got a clear, daylight look at what he had been eating. "If I thought this was good food while drunk, what else am I unwittingly doing to myself ?" He swore off drinking that day and, as far as I know, never started again ....


If you read the text, it says "good for one free taco" not one free taco supreme.

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