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At 341pm on 7/6/18 I entered tacobell happy. After 1 minute with Olivia I wished I had gone elsewhere to eat.

She stood with her hands and arms wrapped inside her apron, and seemed bothered to have to wait on me.

I was looking for a certain meal combo, and when i asked about it she grunted...none of the meals have that.

I asked her if she was having a bad day...and she seemed surprised, but didnt get the hint that she was being rude and unfriendly.

If this was my place of business i would put someone with personality at the register, since they are the first contact with guest.

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"I asked her if she was having a bad day."As if you really cared. Typically people who ask this question ride in on an undeserved high horse and enjoy tormenting the "help."Only DB's and C's play this game.Stay home and make your own food.

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