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Location: Mission Viejo, CA.

Late last night at a drive-through I purchased two of the new-shell tacos supreme 'to go', wanting to find out if the taste was all that better, as advertised. Each one was enclosed in a small taco shaped cardboard container. After trying to eat one i knew they were to try and hold everything together. Both tacos were severely broken up and came out in pieces. The shells were paper thin, and as I tried to pick out the larger parts to eat, they, too, fell apart in my fingers. I'm glad I asked for extra napkins!!!

to Taco Bell: I'll never buy another of these supposedly great new tacos

Gene Clements

Mission Viejo, CA.

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That is why you shouldn't wait until getting home to eat them. Of course they're going to become soggy if you wait ten minutes after you receive them.

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