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Non rehirable

Why am i not rehireable over words with no actions behind it?? Suzan here in shawnee ok cried about it


Grand Opening

What year was the Taco Bell on 4909 N Lombard 97203 in Portland Oregon


I need a letter stating I no longer work for Taco Bell

I need the telephone number to Human Resources


My check was short

Hi my check been short going back to two pay period's ago one of the was 463 and the one before last was 368 I've never been this short who can I contact and talk to about this?


Order messed up multiple occasions

Got Hang up almost spend over $200 a month not looking for free food if anyone care call me 215 605 6061



Is it so important to make a taco for a customer at taco bell that the employees must work in a brand new taco bell with no AC in 96 degree heat? I walked in and walked out!

It's the 3rd time in 2 months it has broken down.

Come on Taco Bell - Do these people that work for you matter at all? Concerned in Va!


Employment and purposely changing schedules

So I’m an employee at 2407 West March Lane Stockton Ca TACO BELL So work is great their and has been and I got my schedule for this week of work before I got the schedule I did put in a 2 weeks notice to be professional and not just up and quit so I got my schedule for this week and i was scheduled to work... the day I go in to work our manager Andrea Davis changed ONLY my schedule and scheduled me off for the rest of the week and on top of that the regional manager Jeff told all of the employees to not put in a 2 week notice and to just quit.


I know this was my last week but still I would have liked to work that last week. I just want to know if what they did and said is right?



I can't view my pay check what do I need to do



Online I can't access my pay check


Taco Bell restaurant

We need a Taco Bell in Pea Ridge Arkansas


Hepatitis A In the Napoleon Ohio Store

What are you going to do to reimbursement me for eating at the Napoleon Ohio store. They had an employee that had hepatitis A.

I ate at the store and I had to get a Hepatitis Vaccination, I missed and hour of work so I could go to the Health Department to get the vaccine.

So with the cost of the vaccination, gas to get to the health department and missing work, I am out some money. Please advice me on how you will reimburse me and what I need to do to complete the process

Thank you in advance for attention



How to receive my W2?



Does your organizations donate to local community events? How do I go about applying and what is needed? I need a point of contact


Hiring Process

Does your company require a future applicant to be bi-lingual? I live in El Paso Texas, recently got an interview and was directly asked if I spoke Spanish, is that a fair question to ask even though that was not anywhere stated on the application that I must be bi-lingual.

I felt very discriminated even though I am very qualified to work with your company, I have management background. Thank you, I would appreciate any feedback from your company.


Chili cheese burrito

Taco Bell had a Burrito called the Chilli Cheese Burrito back in the day, they discontinued the Chilli Cheese Burrito years ago but I've heard rumors that some stores still serve them, if this is true what are the locations of these stores?


Former Employee

I was a fired from my job at the Taco Bell in Lugoff Sc and was never given a reason why until an employee that is still working there said it was because of a no call no show but I knew that was a lie and so when I tried to contact the management there she would avoid my phone calls and then I contact the local office and I got a hole nother story


New store

Why isn't there a taco Bell on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach FL.?? Would make lots of money?


401k plan

I just wanted to know if taco bell have a 401kplan



Why did you take away the stackers and will you be bringing them back. Before the stackers the quesadilla was my favorite item but the stacker was even better than the quesadilla.

Please bring them back. Not mad just sad.


Master Franchise

Hi Interested to purchase a Master Franchise .How much will cost. Best wishes John Didea CEO/IIEINC/DE/USA ph +61416287798 Brisbane Australia


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