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Went through drive through in Pacific Mo. Got home realized 2 items are not in the bag.

Drive right back. I am behind a truck in drive through. They are taking his order and turn off outside lights. I pull up to tell them they did not put everything in my bag but they do not acknowledge me.

So I pull up to the window behind the truck. The truck leaves and I pull up to the window. There are 2 people there ignoring me. The female manager locks the window and does something to the register.

They can see me and hear me. They walk away and don't return. I got out of my car and knocked on the window for 3 minutes. No one came.

I left steaming mad to get my phone and call there. I called 3 times. No answer first time. Hung up on me Second time.

Lady with attitude answers 3rd time. I say why did you do that to me in the drive through? No answer, I was trying to get the rest of my food I paid for. You refused to talk to me you were very rude!

I want my food! She says we are closed. I say I was in line, you saw me! She says it's store policy.

I say policy to be rude to your customers? She says to lock up everything at closing time. I say, you could not have said something to me? What is your name?

I'm Sandy Glass. She says, I'm not required to give you my name. She said she will leave a note and I can get the rest of my order tomorrow. I ask again for h3r name because when I complain to upper management I want them to know exactly who I'm complaining about.

She refused and offers a free menu item for tomorrow also. So I guess my daughter doesn't get to eat her food tonight as she sees everyone else get theirs. I am so upset with this woman and Taco Bell in general. Tomorrow I am asking for a refund, I don't your food anymore!

I am posting on Facebook exactly how *** the employees were to me. Now that might not change your number of customers but I have 300 fb friends and at least they will be able to read it and share it. She deserves to be fired. She should be fired!

I will wait for your response. I'm curious to see how or if she is disaplined.

Respectfully, Sandra Glass. My Gmail is Kaysnd@gmail.com

Review about: Taco Bell Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1351454

If you did not get the food that you paid for going back at close will not correct the situation (no food left to give you). The manager should have apologized to you and given you your money back for the items missing.

How ever the food had already been thrown out or put away for the night, if managers would just be honest with the customers on how fast food works it could have saved a lot of problems.

I guarantee you that if the restaurant closes at say 2am, they have already begun the process of breaking down the line, and putting what ever they have away (started about 1am) so they can get out of there and home with their families. If you insist on feeding your daughter at 2am than next time I suggest that you check your bags BEFORE driving away.

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