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I only need the meal from a combo but do not need drink, why I still was charged for the drink?
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Anonymous So don't order the combo, it includes all the food items and the drink in its price, if you don't want all of those things, do not order the combo... order exactly what you wa...

Taco Bell on Bethel/Sawmill Road in Columbus, Ohio. I was 5th in the car line. When I got up to order I was "greeted" with a lady who said, "This will take a long time so you should just leave." This was the first thing she said to me. Nice greeting. *Snark* I said I am already in line and I can't get out cause of the cars in front of me. So I will just order. I ordered two regular tacos and one steak taco. The lady said, "Two steaks tacos and...
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Anonymous But I saw you at Taco Bell the next day ???? Stop lying ....

I have tried to order around 8 am several times at their West Fifth Avenue store in Columbus Ohio, and they don't seem to have people at the register, or anyone to answer promptly at the drive through window. You have to wait, just to get a clerk to answer. Its *** that they have little business, yet take a long time to answer. This restaurant needs new management. The other breakfast restaurants are slow due to heavy traffic this time of day,...
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Hello, this is not a complaint at all. I just couldn't find any other contact info for my request. I am currently deployed, this one by far has been the easiest one cause we have a Taco Bell here. lol. The problem is that they have no Taco Sauce, when they do its not the real sauce which makes things worse. I was wondering if there was a way to get some out here and if so what do we need to do??? thank you in advance. Mario
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Anonymous This is just a public complaint site. Most companies do not monitor this site for complaints against them. Can you not access the Taco Bell Corporate website? You just go to...

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I order 2 crunchy taco yesterday and a smoothered beef burrito with extra cheese. Did not get extra cheese at all and both tacos were all broken. Very upset
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The new menu item "stuffed grilled nacho" the one that's shaped like a triangle ....... TERRIBLE TERRIBLE !!!!!! It has this liquid cheese product (definitely no real cheese) that is the main base to "hold" everything together that has an indescribable nasty flavor to it. I've NEVER complained about a taco bell menu item in writing before, but this one deserves every ill written description. I will NEVER purchase it again and if you're...
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I went to the Taco Bell in Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. This was on june 27 at 8:30 pm. This girl was very rude! Never asked if we needed sauce. Didn't give us any napkins! Also, she threw the bag of food at me and almost hit me in the head. She slammed the window shut like I was a nuisance! I have had trouble at this taco bell before and called there. Doesn't do any good because they let it go! So, therefore, don't go to taco...
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Bazi Agreed with IHateStupidCustomers, sounds fake.

Jedi Knight Ethan

Jedi Knight Ethan The only one acting like a \"girl\" is you. How did you even get your license if you don\'t even know the difference between a child(girl) and adult(lady. Maybe if you refer...

I went thru the drive thru, waiting on my order. The cashier took my card and turned around made herself a drink and licked her fingers. She turned back around, put her drink down and handed me my food and card. I was discusted. I called 1800 taco bell with a promise of a follow up call in 3 business days, that was 2 weeks ago. I will never, ever eat at Taco Bell. I got sick and have been sick for over a week. Is this from her licking her...
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I purchased a box meal. When I entered the code on the box it told me that the code has already been used. Store number Y300056. Disappointing that someone at the store entered this code already. I'm guessing that the codes on the top of the box are tempting for any employee to check and then sell. I really don't feel like making this one hundred words for this questionnaire. I have no more words. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye...
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heyfunny Actually the same thing happened to me today and after a quick search online I found out the contest was hacked and many of the codes already used. So yes it sucks but I would...


Tasha Exactly what XD said, so get your facts straight and talk to your parents first before making a fool of yourself online.


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