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Just wondering why no one ever seems to win an i pad when its on every receipt to do a survey and be entered....nope they just say sorry try again....why would they know so fast?Taco bell please start following through with what you are stating.

Really...i go there almost everyday...which is not a healthy diet at all, but its easy...maybe an incentive with doing the surveys that actually has winners of something would work out better.Maybe some coupons maybe some kind of prize...because for stats i get it...surveys are very important and i love doing them...but will we ever win?

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Church Road, Virginia, United States #835938

Omg haha u people make me laugh.Just cause u don't win didn't mean they are lying.

Also in order to win u type in the code on the receipt.If the code isn't a winner then it will know it's not a winner


I agree how is it that the computer is able to instantly spit out Nope you're not winning anything sucker... you wasted your time because nothing ever changes with the quality!


Use too much nasty bean and barely any meat. *** rip offs

Sonoma, California, United States #714356

Funny how there are some thinking this complaint is about getting something.Its actually about how company lie and use promotional deals yo get more money by us buying more things.

Simple. I like surveys bit for example if I tell the truth about Walgreens and continue to rate the awesome employees then the big bosses think oh they are getting people to do these for them and they will get rid of the surveys completely.

So let's try to be real ....surveys are there do them if you want and if you win cool....but know its really for the businesses.:upset :upset :upset

to Anonymous #1045006

Another poster on this site that mistake that just because they did not win that automatically means it is a lie. Let's say that you and the OP did win, you would not be able to collect your prize anyway since you have to be 13 years old to enter the contest anyway.


It's like complaining that you can't win the Lottery because you buy a ticket every week... Know that you're competing with hundreds of other customers that participate in the survey.

Lansing, Michigan, United States #650407


SERIOUSLY! ?! Thoes surveys that Tacobell employees pass out are NOT only for "Free Ipads" which btw ppl DO WIN.. Theres a list of ppl who have actually recived the Ipad.

However, employees are pressured to insure customers receive the surveys. Why?? So they can get noticed in the company.Do you have any idea wht it means when RGM's & Huge bosses see when a employee is being recognized by fellow customers!??? Promotions, raises.

Sometimes hardworking employees never raise in the company bc there never noticed.

But obviously in this world today, there r too many greedy *** tht cant do a nice act for someone without getting something in return.Wht a sad wolrd this has come to.

Jasper, Georgia, United States #638722

It's true i'm a truck driver i always do these silly surveys thinking i might actually win and nothing , i never win anything i believe that it is bogus sorry but it is, and i'm tired of it i will not do anymore surveys and i wish everybody would boycott from doing them maybe it will send a message to them. :(

to Henry #719871

It's not about winning its about helping those workers who work a minimum job and your good survey about them helps them and shows how good of a worker they are towards their co-workers and their boss. The fact that winning a prize is more important is so sad.

to Anonymous #1045005

I agree, and these people complaining sound like sore losers. Just because they did not win, does not mean there are no winners. I wonder how many are five years old?

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