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Imagine this for a moment. You are a student. Working a 60 hour a week job to put food on the table and attempt to pay your way through college. Got it in your head yet? Good cause that's me. Every day you look forward to the 89 cent nachos on it after your morning classes. Luscious cheese dripping off of warm chips. Well, in order to get meat on it I have to pay 60 cents extra. I've been alright with it up till today, because lately they've been cheap on the meat and you run out before the chips are eaten. So today while I was ordering them I asked the manager that happened to be operating the register for some extra meat.

She actually had the gaul to charge me twice to put more meat on the nachos. A whopping 1.20 charge that went over and above the original cost of the nachos themselves. And what's more, there wasn't any more meat there! It's just the same little strip of meat I eat every day as per my routine before I go home to study.

I paid her, but on account of hindsight I am considering ending my support of Taco Bell and moving on to Taco Johns. I hear that they treat their customers the way they're supposed to be treated: With respect.

Review about: Taco Bell Nachos.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1194840 asked for more meat and didn't expect to pay for it? Going to Taco Johns won't help.

Any other place is going to charge for extra food too. Entitled, party of 1.


double the meat double the price enough said ***


Yes, “Really” we should be like North Korea & never stop working to fill our faces. We could work even more hours instead of eating so we can put forth even more tax dollars to sustain your section 8 lifestyle.

So stay at your government provided home, & cook your government provided food. We’ll just keep working, & never question any system that’s ripping us off, so you can enjoy the American dream of being paid to make babies.


I happen to work at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma. 60 cents per serving of extra meat is the normal charge.we have portion charts we have to follow. And as with most fast food places the portion size will never satisfy everyone.


If money is that tight with you and your family, maybe you should bring a lunch or just go straight home instead of stopping to fill your face. Nobody from Taco Bell is forcing you to stop in and eat their food.

I bet you stop at Dunkin Doughnuts or other coffee shop every morning too. Make it at home or pay the price!

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