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Ok I will have a Nachos Bellgrande, 3 tacos and a lg Pepsi. For that it was $10. I pull up to the window and try to explain that the Sun was blocking the menu...I had the two items I wanted done, made unavailable and I didnt appreciate being rushed. I got half of that out where she handed me my Pepsi then went to the back only returning when she had the order. I got home and looked at my order only to realize that the Nacho Bellgrande had NO...
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Not_the_0P Here is what my taco bell grande looked like ..... sigh first world problems.


Anonymous Gross

Okay so like when I go to a place to get food out to eat and I gotta pay a good price them out for it I don't expect to get to tablespoons meat the rest veggies and chips I expect to get food I think there should be more meat in the food I literally get Nacho Bell Grande and there is like maybe 2 tablespoons of me and the rest is vegetables cheese and chips where the *** is the meat because I do not like beans so when I order with no beans you...
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