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Do not eat at Taco Bell. We purchased food at the Taco Bell in the inland empire and after taking two bites out of our bean and cheese burrito we found a large Toe Nail clipping inside the burrito.

After nearly swallowing it we spit it out and were disgusted to find what it was! We took numerous photographs and video tape and turned the product into Taco Bell.

Taco Bell's position was very rude, disgusting and made us the consumer feel even worse!

Taco Bell is not a place I will ever eat again. Can you imagine finding Toe Nail clippings inside your Bean and Cheese Burrito?

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Burrito.

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Adamsville, Alabama, United States #1201003

I got a large drunk at the taco bell in Forestdale Al on 081816. After drinking about half something came thru the straw and into my mouth, I immediately spit it out into my palm and found it was a nasty finger nail clipping

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1114794

Well if you are going to place your own toenail in front of the burrito and try to get free food you will be treated rudely.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1052522

ITS TACO BELL PEOPLE...***....ITS ALWAYS BEEN DISGUSTING FOOD.....WHEN YOU CAN FEED A FAMILY OF 6 FOR $9.00....What do you expect? Most (80-90%)of there beef is skirt meat...I'll let you look it up what skirt meat is! You odds of getting ANY fast food company to believe you found any thing bad in your food that you took home is like 500to1 (almost impossible)...seriously....make your own mexican food at home....it takes NO time....dollar for dollar you get triple the amount and it is safe and tastes waaaaaaaaa waaaaaay better?

to DonkeyTeeth #1114789

Pfft family of 6 for 9.00??? What taco bell do you eat at???? Heck, a taco salad and 3 7 layers are 15.15


I used to love burritos. The very last time I bought one it honestly smelled like dung and the taste was gross. What did they do, to ruin it?


the same thing happened to me tonight i got a mexican pizza and found two large toenails in it. and i do plan to sue

to MTN.VIEW MISSOURI RESIDENT Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1114795

Funny how you have the same IP address as the OP. You know Taco Bell's lawyers can find this info out you know.

Not to mention the toenail looks clean to have been messed up in a taco. It is a shame what people would do to get free food.


If the manager didn't take you seriously, call your local health department. Keep in mind, that they may not believe you since there have been people who purposely put things in their food in order to get a refund (or sue). As always, if you find something in your food try to keep the food item in the fridge (especially if it gave you food poisoning) in case the health department needs to test it for bacteria and contaminants.


Maybe its an abnormally grown fingernail lol did you not ask if they charge extra for special ingredients????

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