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Oh wow last night was the worst service and food i have wver had at a TB. We ordered 2 taco salads, soft taco supremes, and a burrito supreme.

I asked for extra cheese, and lettuce, meat and tomatoes on the taco supremes however they barely put any at all.

Extremely disappointed!! Indpls, In Kentucky Ave location

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Yeah it looks horrible, but you went to Taco Bell, not a fancy five star restaurant what did you expect, especially since most of the employees are probably undeucated Mexicans being paid minimum wage.


while I can't comment on the burrito supreme since you forgot to post a pic of it. the soft taco supreme was clearly picked through by someone as there's so little toppings.

the salads don't look completely bad for normal taco salads but you either just started or had been eating one of them because they do NOT come with the salsa on them they come in little cups on the side.

you say you asked for extra meat, cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes on the soft taco supremes? yet without a receipt how are we to believe you? if I had ordered something like that which with the extra toppings you ordered on them would cost almost as much as another soft taco supreme btw, and I had seen that level of LACK of toppings i'd not have wasted time posting the pics to a PUBLIC complaints board.

i'd have gone right up to the counter POLITELY explain the situation WITH my receipt in hand and asked to have them remade correctly.

I worked for TB for over 10 years as a crewmember and a manager, and like any jobs unfortunately mistakes can/do happen it sucks when it happens to you, but if you don't let the people KNOW who were making the food that a mistake was made how are they to know and correct it to try and prevent it from happening next time? and also you don't want to do what I had ALOT of customers do, raise your voice yelling & insulting the people making the food that just makes you look like a ***.

so again without the receipt to prove you ordered what you did which would have been ALOT Of extra charges on those soft taco supremes we can't really side with you.

to Anonymous #1103609

Your responses to Customer complaints is Hilarious!! And you were a Manager?

Crew I could believe, but a Manager? Too funny!

to Anonymous #1169578

Samething I was thinking. Like maybe they made it home b4 they checked the food. I know I never check my food unless I'm bout to eat it right then.

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