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I visited Taco Bell in Greenville Mi. on Sunday, 7/19/15 @ 8:56:56PM.

Since moving to the area 5/1/15, I have become a regular customer and have made it clear that I AM ALLERGIC TO FRESH TOMATOES and have never has a problem with the 1st & 2nd shifts during the week which is when I normally visit. Well yesterday I ordered 1 Club Chalupa Box (Order 247410) with No Tamato stating my allergy. Cashier: Tabitha H clearly repeated this to the prep cook. Although I usually dine in, I ordered to go because it was late.

I get home and the crunchy taco and chalupa were amazing as usual but as I'm almost done with the burrito, I began to have difficulty breathing, I began to sweat heavily, became lightheaded and nauseated. Realizing that my allergy to tomatoes had been triggered, I immediately took a breathing treatment and meds. I go back to check what was left of the burrito and was shocked to find that tomatoes had been placed and wrapped on one end. I called the restaurant and left a message at 10:35pm.

Feeling sick thru the night, I was finally able to fall asleep after 5am. Now having missed a morning appointment, I check my phone and find NO RESPONSE from the message I left so I call again and got the voicemail again.

I kinda feel like the tomatoes may have been added as a joke or something because they were only placed in the wrapped item and only at one end. This is very cruel and dangerous and must NEVER happened to myself or any faithful customer.

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Keep trying and talk to a manager about it.

It may have been a miscommunication/misunderstanding from one employee to the next.

OR you could be right that it was done as a joke. I know sometimes people will claim to have allergies because they believe it's more socially acceptable than admitting you just don't like something, and that can make other people doubt how serious real allergies are.

However, an allergic reaction can kill and employees should be trained to take it seriously when a customer makes such a request. And even if the customer somehow turns out to not actually be allergic, it still is good customer service to fill the order as they requested it to be filled within reason.

Leaving off a simple ingredient like tomatoes is a fairly reasonable type of request.

So there isn't any reason the tomatoes were included anyways...unless they got confused whether you wanted the tomatoes left off of the order completely, or left off of the top and kept to the side. Depending on how the employee phrased it, it can sometimes be hard to hear every word clearly in a busy kitchen.

So there is a chance this was not malicious or even intentionally filled incorrectly. But as someone with allergies, I also fully understand how dangerous this mistake was.

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