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I am very disappointed and vivid.Yesterday I went to get my 2 small children some dinner I waiting at the speaker for literally four minutes no one said anything until finally I said "Hello" the person responded "Yea".

I said "yea"? Really? No welcome to Taco Bell ?can I take your order? I said excuse someone gets on the speaker and says he was busy with the order in front of me but I can order when Im ready all while speaking over me.He goes go ahead with your order?

By then I was disgusted and no longer wanted to do business with them. I pulled up to the window where he took 2 min to come to the window. I asked to speak to the Manager the came over to window I asked him to write both of their names down and asked who was taking the order and who spoke over me. He sure I can and I said why were you being rude?

He said you should of ordered . I said can I have the piece of paper he said "No not writing down nothing down " after he told me he would. I said what is your name "He said Logan" " You can remember that"? Like I'm a child .

He said he doesn't care anymore walked away from the window. I pulled over went inside and took his picture for proof. Unacceptable and disrecpectful. I have never been treated like this before I felt very uncomfortable all while my children are in the back hungry.

I had to drive out my way all the way to another Taco Bell down the way if my kids didn't enjoy this company product. Yesterday would be the last day you will have ever gotten my business.

No wonder why the employees are rude because their leader has no sense for customer service either.I will be calling as well.

Review about: Taco Bell Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe don't be lazy and cook your children a real meal and stop feeding them garbage? Problem solved.

to Anonymous #1310066

^^^ Hey, I found the ignorant employee!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1296727


Rule 101 when purchasing food from restaurants: never f**k with the people who make your food! If you have a habit of showing your @ss everywhere you go, well I don't want to even imagine what special ingredients have been added to your orders.


Nobody cares beeotch


"I pulled over went inside and took his picture for proof.Unacceptable and disrecpectful.

I have never been treated like this before I felt very uncomfortable all while my children are in the back hungry."

Yeah, obviously your kids being hungry is your biggest concern.

Logically explains why you took the time to act a fool, park your car, argue more and take pictures.Don't raise them thinking that how you act is appropriate or acceptable.

to off***sumer***ed Belleville, Illinois, United States #1294805

Since when is collecting evidence acting a fool?Were you there?

Who said she kept agruing? Making assumption making a *** of yourself. Are you going to reslove her issue with the bad customer service? Your commenting on something negative that happened to a customer.

Stfu and mind your business.

Don't tell no one how to raise their kids when yours is probably already f up hence the fact that you have time to be negative to someone who had a bad experience from a company who doesn't pay your bills.Stfu

to Anonymous #1297213

"Collecting evidence" ?! You've been watching too many episodes of CSI lol

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