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I visited this outlet and ordered a chhesy potato burrito . I specifically asked the woman taking the order to make it vegetarian without my meat. I trusted her & proceededtoeatmyorder.Ifoundsomethingamisswiththecontentbutignored,laterintheeveningI researched and found that the odd content was in fact the standard seasoned beef used by taco bell.Being a practising Hindu vegetarian this has left me in great shock and distress that I was served...
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h.kitchener Life is really tough, especially for a Hindu in the USA. Perhaps it would be best to just wander back to India?

Taco Bell Cheesy Burrito Review from Lyman, Mississippi
Hey Good morning so last night I went to Taco Bell for a late night I pulled up Thur the drive thru and the employee at the window was having a hard time hearing me I decided to go in. While inside I had to wait 10 minutes before I could be serviced then and additional 15 minutes to receive my food. Once I got home I noticed one of the burritos I ordered was not in the bag and the second burritos the cheesy potatoes burrito I had ordered was...
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