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Now listen there is no reason why we should have to pay for this ridiculous food..All the tacos had nothing in the middle but a small rub at the bottom ,,not even a teaspoon...I tried the new cheesy core burrito and guess what ??? No core..It was smashed flat and the burrito had hardly nothing in it,,it was all bread....this has been going on at every taco we seem to go to,,,I have CLEMMONS ,nc Taco Bell another try buy no more,as a matter a fact everybody at my husband's plant quit eating taco bell period because the service sucks,The blacks are hating on whites so bad my friend who works taco bell said they purposely mess up food...So taco you suck...

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East Troy, Wisconsin, United States #1277387

Normally I would symphathise, because I get poor food from Taco Bell too (they cannot ever read "add sour cream!") but you lost me with the photo. There's grease marks from meat scraped off the side.

Next time, don't empty your taco and complain about it. It's $0.79, and cost more for the employee to make it for you than you paid, order another or go elsewhere.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1208274

Had me up to the pulling of the race card.

Maybe it wasn't a black/white issue as much as it was a Everyone hates You issue. No matter what race you are.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1210522

It looks like a troll letter, where the person ate half the taco and is pretending to be black. The thing is they are stereotyping them as stingy and scammy.

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