Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch Taco Reviews


I drove to taco bell today on my lunch break, walked inside and ordered. I then waited for 17 minutes, until the person who ordered after me got their food. I walked up to the counter and asked if my Cheesy Gordita Crunch was ready, and explained that the person who ordered after me already got their food. The girl behind the counter asked me, "You didn't get your food yet?". I told her no, and again explained that the person behind me in line...
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I liked
  • Leaving
I didn't like
  • Wait time
  • Employees
  • Food
Taco Bell - Doughy Uncooked Flatbread!
Taco Bell on River ave in Holland, MI gave me two cheesy gordita crunches which had flatbread that was practically dough, it tasted like it had not even touched the grill. Took them inside and the cook said with an attitude, 'they're supposed to be doughy!!' I said "no, they're supposed to be soft, not uncooked!" Totally gross that they sent out their food undercooked, and unprofessional attitude from the cook- if you make a mistake just...
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Anonymous Did you talk to a manager about the whole issue?

I didn't like
  • Rude employee