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Taco Bell in Clinton Township, MI 48036 on Gratiot and Metro Parkway is the SLOWEST location by far! I've never seen a "fast food" chain take so long!

The last 4-5 times there, its been longer then 45 min! No exaggeration! Not 8-10 min waiting for fresh food or anything! 45 *** minutes!

Then sent my wife to get McDonalds for our kids and Taco Bell for us and she made the mistake of going to McDonalds first, and going to this location AFTER getting McDonalds! HUGE MISTAKE! Now my kids food was ice cold and hard and had to waste another $9 to go buy their food again so they could enjoy the meal! So in all, i spent $18 on McDonalds for my kids, $12 on Taco bell, and the whole ordeal took *** over an HOUR to send my wife for the slowest *** fast food I've ever seen!!!

Whoever runs that place doesn't have a clue and needs to b told to find another job they're good at!

Cuz being a successful manager of a successful Taco Bell isn't working for them! So pissed at the time n money waisted!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1195946

Get it fast get it wrong and cold. People always complain that hot fresh food takes too long. How long does it take in your kitchen?


why do you keep going there if you know it takes that long?


Oh and its store number 024650. Address is

37510 S. Gratiot Ave

Clinton Township, MI 48036


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