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Today July 25,2016 at about 1300 hours.I got two tacos that were made wrong at your 22nd street West Des Moines location. I drove about a mile back to request a remake calmly providing my drive through receipt that clearly showed the mistake order. The employee promptly gave me a remake. Yes we all make mistakes. What was missing however was "sorry for the inconvenience" from the two employees that interacted with me. In the future such comment...
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Oakland ca. We ordered (6) crispy tacos At the drive thru, the order taker gave us the price of $6.04 when we got to the window the price changed to $7:45 wen we questioned the girl she got confused and jade me speak to some one else That person said the price of the food was now $10.47 We didn't buy anything We just drove away and will not return To any T/B Oh by the way last time is was At this same location I gave them $10.00 for my food...
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I am calling out your employees on Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach, Ca. I eat at this location all the time. First, I have never been treated as a walk in, to go customer, at my only favorite fast food taco bell location, as poorly as your girl with the head phones treated me at approx. 10:30am January 27, 2016. Not only was I forgotten and ignored after ordering, the flirting and chatty laughing amongst each other was appauling. I ordered no...
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Taco Bell Crunchy Taco Review

No good the taco meat too runny not ever consistant too dry too runny is it mixed too much did they use a blender i do not like runny wet tacos
Today my friend and I wernt through the drive through for a quick lunch. We had ordered two steak quesadillas, two sangrita blast freezes, and a crunchy taco. When we pulled up to recieve our order the madam there was extreamly rude. When we recieved our order It was compleatly incorrect. We had recieved two quesadillas that were very lazelly stuffed into Its holding, two starburst freezes, and a crunchy taco. Now when my companion had told her...
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Review about Taco Bell Crunchy Taco from Columbus, Ohio
I order 2 crunchy taco yesterday and a smoothered beef burrito with extra cheese. Did not get extra cheese at all and both tacos were all broken. Very upset
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