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Drove into the Taco Bell in Hanford CA on Lacy blvd, store #004622 at 4:32pm. When I finally was able to order at 4:44pm the attendant spoke to my front bumper for 5 minutes until the car in front moved up.

Finally ordered and creeped through the line. Got to the window at 4:56pm. Who thought that going through a Drive through would be faster than going inside. 22 minutes to get a taco?

The drive through attendant was also working the front..where was the manager? Out back eating McDonald's ??? And thank you to the cars in front and in back, one listening to Rape reggae as loud as he could, and the other listening to twangy country as loud as she could.

Tomorrow, I'm fixing a bologna sandwich!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Next time get your fat lazy *** out of your car and walk in and get your food. Duh.

TacoBell doesn't want people like you for customers, it's not worth the 99cent taco for you to complain here even though it's YOUR fault. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I work at taco bell so let me talk to you from an employee's perspective. I understand that you are frustrated with them being slow and that you had to wait 22 minutes to get a taco but you know it was a busy night right?

There were a couple cars ahead of you in the drive thru and maybe they got some large orders like a couple party packs or a few grande meals and a couple combos. Obviously you aren't going to get your taco as fast as you would like to if there are several grande meals ahead of you. Did you even think of how busy it was in the lobby and that there are PEOPLE in the lobby too, not just you. I get that it sucks waiting 22 minutes for one item but you aren't going to get it fast during a big rush.

I'll never forget the time that this woman ordered a double decker taco and she was waiting in the drive thru line for a while because the 2 cars ahead of her had a total of 5 grande meals and a couple combos. She was yelling "I want my double decker taco!!!" When she got to the window after the 50 plus items were handed out the window alone she said that we were the slowest taco bell around and that she wasn't coming back, she was a *** though. No knowing, understanding or caring about the whole situation, just about ME ME ME.

In the long run you are a customer just like EVERYONE else who comes in and buys food. I don't mean to offend but we put up with a lot of nonsense ourselves.


Did it ever occur to you folks that the evening rush is the busiest.. Think about it..

Dinner time, entire families hungry, some of them with kids that don't want lettuce or onions or red sauce.. Finicky people that want it thier way or no way.. Next time you roll through a drive thru with a couple of SUV's chilling in front of you think how many people those things can fit and if they ordered two twelve packs and a grande meal you'll be there a while, I mean really.

And while we are on the subject I have seen cashiers get screamed at when they have no control over the food being made.. Try to be nice a concept that to some of you might be foreign but hey it will definitely get you some brownie points and may even make the cashiers crack a smile instead of feeling harrassed and threatened..


WTF IS 'RAPE' Reggae??


OMG This must be a nationwide epidemic. My sister and I live in Lancaster PA.

We were in line so long that I thought they were killing the cows for the meat and grinding the corn to make the taco shells. This happens most of the time and it was not even at an off peak hour. I was in line for so long, my sister celebrated her sons 8th birthday while we were waiting. No seriously though I had turned off my car twice just to save some gas because we were there about 20 minutes.

It is really bad where I live and half of the time you see a bunch of teenagers texting on their phone and laughing.

Don't bother to complaint to corp either. They never called me or anything when I complained twice!

Gudul, Ankara, Turkey #26990

hey, i thought i was the only one who found this to be true.what is it with these people. how long could a freakin' taco take to make.

yeah i ordered like 2 tacos,2 burritos,and 2 gorditas, but doesn't take 20 minutes to serve this. I was about to shove a cholupa up someones *** :( .u know what i mean kidz :(

Zbarazh, Ternopil's'ka Oblast', Ukraine #26986

I agree; sometimes they can be very slow.

It's certainly frustrating!

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