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Ordered 3 reg tacos.Noticed several people standing around waiting.

After I had waited for 5 mins, I asked a girl who was waiting how long she had been waiting, she said 10 mins. Another guy 15 mins. I went up to talk to manager, her name is Natalie Kemp. Cashier told her I wanted to talk.

She ignored me, twice. She sent a shift leader to talk to me instead, all while looking at me without saying a word. I complained about the wait time. She immediately had an attitude with me and told me I was rude to her employee.

I said I wasn't rude I was just trying to find out what the problem was. After a short conversation, she told me to get out of her store, I could not believe it. I had not even raised my voice up to that point. I asked why, she then threatened me with calling the cops.

I asked what are you going to tell them. In the end, Natalie Kemp screamed at the top of her lungs at me to leave her store, at one point telling me to get the *** out of her store. She came around the counter charging me and stopped just short of running me down at one point and thought she was going to punch me or something.

Last thing she said when I was walking out the door, she called me a ***.This is the worst retail experience I have ever had which is pretty hard to believe.

Review about: Taco Bell Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #788539

its fast food not retail :zzz , also if they are taking a while wouldnt you know think they are either too *** busy or having tech problems?


Kudu's to the manager for standing up for the employee and not forcing her to take your verbal abuse.She asked you nicely to leave the store, you did not.

The difference between the other two people in line, is they knew how to act their age while you acted like a six year old.

You got smart alecky to them, they put you in your place.Whatever she called you, you were probably acting like one.

to Anonymous #812961

I agree, he acted like he was five years old and has the nerve to refer to the employee as a girl rather than an adult.


What are you leaving out? Hmmm...

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