Dunellen, New Jersey

This woman by the name of linda at the taco bell in rutland vermont. A friend of mine ordered food.

After ordering and prior to giving total the woman (linda) says 'for those who aren't hear impaired the total is ..." we get up to the pick up window and I go to pay and tell her she shouldn't talk to the public like that.

She told me I shouldn't be in the public. She then tells me that I'm rude every time I go there and I have been there maybe 4 times my entire life.

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if your from jersey ik for a fact u deserved to get talked to like that cuz you probably were rude and ungrateful just go home dont bother us sweet holesome people in the great state of vermont u need to stay out of my state flatlander


First of all learn to spell. She was a manger and would never say anything like that.

If this truly happened you would of done something about it instead if posting it all over the web! I bet you still ate your food though didn't you?


Seeing I work at the taco bell in Rutland and know Linda very well.. She was the assistant manager and I highly doubt she would do such a thing. 8)


you should have contacted the corporate office and told them of the completely rude service and her arrogance thinking it would be tolerated. i would have asked for the manager and demanded my money back also..keep the freaking hardly meat tacos and shove them were the moon dont shine. :grin


what? can you speak up?


Are you hearing impared??

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