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I went to the drive thru because I wanted the new Triple Layer Crunch Wrap and a large Pepsi. I order and they say that "They cant serve that today." Ok I said...I looked at the menu which was facing the Sun at 7 PM and the glare made the whole board hard to see.

The drive thru cashier says in a annoyed voice saying..."DO you want anything ELSE?" I said...let me see....then I said ok I will take the 2 XL buritto and 3 tacos with a Pepsi.... She then curtly says..."We cannot serve that either. We cant serve anything with a 10 inch or something diameter wrap tortilla ...watever. That SHOULD of been told to me the first time!

By the time this happened there were cars behind me and I couldnt back out. I am trying to make it back so she ask..."Do you want anything else? Hello?" I said again I am trying to see the board...please. Ok I will have a Nachos Bellgrande, 3 tacos and a lg Pepsi.

For that it was $10. I pull up to the window and try to explain that the Sun was blocking the menu...I had the two items I wanted done, made unavailable and I didnt appreciate being rushed. I got half of that out where she handed me my Pepsi then went to the back only returning when she had the order. I got home and looked at my order only to realize that the Nacho Bellgrande had NO lid just foil and nothing like tomatoes or anything else that comes with it except for a bit of meat...and a TON of cheese and sour cream.

I dont feel like driving back now miles away. Here is what the nachos bell grande looked like.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor service and bad quality" of taco bell bellgrande nachos and associated monetary loss in the amount of $10. Taco Bell needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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On Sept. 15, 2017 I bought a green burrito.

When I took a bite and as I was chewing I felt something hard. It went to my throat and I started choaking but I was able to pull the sharp objects out away from from my throat with my tongue.

It looked like small sharp bones or some kinda splinter. I don't know what they were.im sueing.

Benicia, California, United States #1195412

Here is what my taco bell grande looked like ..... sigh first world problems.

to Not_the_0P Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States #1200161

Don't hate because you can't afford Taco Bell!!

to Anonymous Benicia, California, United States #1201207

I can afford Taco Bell. It is just idiots like the OP complain about silly things when there are starving children in the world.

If I could not afford Taco Bell, and was one of these children would I have internet access? Think before you post, or at least have mommy's permission before posting.

Orange City, Florida, United States #1194387


Saint-Jean-De-Blaignac, Aquitaine, France #1194315

You should think carefully about the ton of junk food you are eating. Everything you requested is bad for you and will turn you into a human elephant prone to all the ailments that obesity brings.

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