I wents to the Taco Bell at Columbia mall in meryland. I walks up an ordred a beefy taco an a pepsee.

The dude axed me if i wunts to order a chicken fresco soft taco wit that. I said, just cus im black, dusnt mean i Want chicken! That racist. Then I axed for a chicken soft taco and he said that i will enjot it.

That racist!!!!! I wunt corptae number an, coopons for free! This not good for me or cuz Obama gonna come for you!

Everywhere I go, they think I wants da chicken, and every time a go liqour store, they always say enjoy yo malt liqour! Just because im black doesnt mean I wanted to buy malt liquor or enjoy it!

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first off i can tell you didn't do too good in school so it impresses me that you can even spell racist let alone know what it means. and second off he probably was promoting an item as santini said and he might have had that food item too and was letting you know it was a good choice. stop being an ***


I honestly would first assume the guy was asked to promote something on their menu, pretty much any place that you go they are going to ask if you would like to try "x". Also, you might want to learn some grammar before you comment on a site.


Right off I can tell you aren't black; it's very possible you aren't even human. You do, however, sound very much like a *** and most of the *** I've ever met were white christians.

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