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Now not only am I a Taco Bell baby(my mom was a manger there when I was a baby) lol but this is no laughing matter. I love my Mexican pizzas : however today I'm upset I can't even eat my order completely, it takes like cardboard flavor. Honestly ,truly. I got up in the late hours to rush to Taco Bell and instead of getting my new regular : power menu chicken burrito add extra pico & rice. I decided I'm going to take it back...
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i am ordered maxican pizza shell and they did make mistake they charge me for both maxican pizza and also maxican shell pizza .and they laughing at me cashier name is jason r . taco bell 002525. 3970 hauck road sharonville oh 45241. always they guys made mistake in my order i am vegitarian i tell every time no meat no chiken no beef in my food but they do mistake every time and never get me back my money. and evry time they laughing at me ....
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My siblings and I ordered about 20 dollars worth of food from the Taco Bell in Woodbridge, NJ to come home and find a BUG in our food. Which caused us all to be completely disgusted, we could not even finish our meal. So, we called up the store we got our food from and a manger of the name KAREN answered and when we told her our issue she replied with "that is impossible", as if we were lying to her. So now we're not only DISGUSTED but we feel...
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Anonymous You made this up. Bugs don't eat at Taco Bell. Only brainless humans do.


Not_the_0P Get a job instead of demand a refund for food you already ate. You probably placed the bug there yourself.