Saint Amant, Louisiana
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Aug. tenth,I went to taco bell and was very displeased because I ordered two grilled stuft chicken burritos and they were overbearing with beans on the burritos.

I could not taste anything other than beans; i would strongly reccommend if you eat there do not order anything with beans because you won't be able to taste anything else and this is not the first time i had this experience.

There were times I ate there and I could taste the scorchness and the oldness of the beans I was given. I will not be eating there any longer.

Review about: Taco Bell Taco.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I couldn't agree more. You can eat in an expensive restaurant and still be served ***!


If times are so tough why are people going out to eat in the first place? Stuffing themselvs with *** that costs about double what it would cost to stay home, cook and enjoy.

Sorry your *** about times being tough is just that ***.


I disagree tasha, if you are paying your money for something it should be right, classy restaurants are nice sometimes but they are a bit more costly these days. You should be more considerate, there were times people have gone to classy restaurants and the food was poor, these days sometimes it is not how much u pay but it is the quality of the food because you can pay a lot and still get suckered.


Ewww that's disgusting. Mind you it is Taco Bell, i'd be surprised if those were even real beans you were eating and not some radioactive chemical, made in china and designed to keep you addicted to fast food.

M x

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #176113

You get what you pay for, what do you expect. Want better food go to a classy restaurant.

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