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Two weeks ago I was on my 30 minute lunch break and decided to go to Taco Bell, which is a 3 minute drive from where I work. When I pulled into the drive through, there was one car at the window and one ahead of me ordering their food. I waited for 10 minutes before the car ahead of me finally pulled up behind the other car that was STILL at the window. I ordered a dozen Captain Crunch bites and pulled up behind the other two vehicles. I waited ANOTHER 25 minutes for the other two vehicles to get their food and by the time I got back to work my 30 minute lunch break ended up being 40 minutes!!! No one even apologized for amount of time I had to wait for TWO other people to get their food before me. 35 minutes?!?! That's absurd! And to top it all off my Captain Crunch balls had NO captain crunch crust on them!!(see picture)

I called and complained to the Taco Bell that I'd gotten them at and they told me to bring in my reciept and they'd give me a free dozen Captain Crunch balls to replace my poorly made ones.

The next day I did just that and reminded them at the window to make sure there was crust on them. After waiting 15 minutes they handed me my order and I drove back to work.

As I took the first ***, my mouth was filled with hot grease!! I gagged!!!

Instead of making the balls properly, they just RE-soaked them in grease so the crust would stick!! It was disgusting!! So I called them to tell them about their screw up, and they said,"well how do u expect the crust to stay on there?!?"

I was infuriated and still am because this is the ONLY location that seems to have the inability to coat their Captain Crunch balls properly because I've had them at several other locations without any problems!!

The location is 2517 Hubbell Ave, Des Moines, IA.

Then today I went there and got a four piece Captain Crunch balls and they were ROCK HARD!! Like they'd made some and had been sitting there for hours! I'm fed up with this Taco Bell!! Somebody needs to do something about it!

Thank you!

Amanda Cunningham

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Amanda Cunningham Lover
Los Angeles, California, United States #1303965

keeps going back for her balls. :D

love this chick, she don't quit!!!



Chicago, Illinois, United States #1076707

I love reading some of these hilarious "complaints".


Are you really purdy? I don't think I would post an email address like that where everyone can see, you're going to have a million weirdos emailing you lol..

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