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I stopped at taco bell in Ardmoore Oklahoma 4/7/16 Sorry to say I have pictures of what I was served.It wasn't just my order but everyone deceived about same amount of meat on products.

I have been eating at taco bell when it was only in LA Ca. 1965. I know meat prices are high but with the amount of meat I received you could get 50 tacos from a 1 pound. The manager was on site.

Told them I'll just post to internet, & I have many times.Chuck

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Lawton, Oklahoma, United States #1155395

I live in Lawton Ok, & I don't mean to laugh but if that's what they call a meal now That's just sad


Sometimes quality service isn't all it's cracked up to be.


I had that same experience at another Taco Bell many years ago. They gave us a free meal. I now tell them I do not want any lettuce on my taco since that is usually about 99% of what they put in the shell.


You are paying less than a dollar or a little over a dollar at the most, you get what you paid for. You want a nice meaty taco go to a real Mexican restaurant, you will have to pay more but you get better quality of food.

to Anonymous #1143501

He didn't claim the food was bad or that he was expecting Grade A, Top Choice hamburger.People don't go to Taco Bell because they're craving authentic Mexican cuisine.

They go for the value. Most of the taco "meat" is soy and sour cream. But, his complaint is valid for the simple fact that the United States Weights and Measures legislates that restaurants utilise a scale or special serving cup so that companies can't bait and switch a customer. If order a beef taco, a restaurant can't put a teaspoon of meat on and call it a beef taco.

From the photo, I would guess that the employee on the line got lazy and ran out of beef that was at the correct serving temp and, instead of asking if the customer could wait, they scraped the serving container to get what they could to move the order along.

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1144177

This is the result of doing business with publicly traded companies.They do not make money on their products anymore.

They make money off of the people that they svcker into buying stock. And, when you offer the stock holders a way of saving money(like not giving customers quality or quantity) the stock price goes up. Think about it.

You should never do business with a publicly traded company if you can avoid it.Chances are, you will eventually get robbed.

to Anonymous #1169580

You sound crazy. Just cause a taco is alil more than a dollar doesn't mean they should put a pinch of meat on a huge hard shell.

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