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I waited in the drive-through line for 20 minutes.I'm getting up to the window the gentleman stated that he had a very large order prior to ours. I suggested they filled the large order while not sitting in the drive tru line. This casused a major delay and backed up some 15 cars all the way out to Daniels Road. The staff just smiled & laughed thru the window. No apologies. The chicken stuffed burrito I waited on was one of the worst I have...
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I have went to the opening of taco bell at pocahontas ar on hwy 67....I ordered 2 xxl grilled stuffed beef burritos and 4 xxl taco supremes...What I got was 2 regular size burritos with nothing but beans and rice,I hate rice...then to top it off I got 4 little tacos with no lettuce/sour cream/tomatoes...the only thing they got right was the cinnabons!!! I went back about 1 hour later and made complaint... They said next time I come back,they...
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I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service
  • Food not what was ordered
  • Value has continually degraded