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Went to Taco Bell and ordered the xxl taco and going off of the photo that was in clear view. Expecting 2 large taco's i was really looking forward to getting them and having a nice little halftime meal.

I looked at them making the tacos and i told them that they are no where near what the picture looks like and it was half full and 2/3 of it was lettuce, sour cream and the other things other then meat.

So please make me to xxl tacos that look like the pictures. That is what i looked at and decided to get, so please make it like the picture. I complained and complained, but the shift manager told me to take the food and leave or get my money back and leave. But just leave.

there is a lot more that was said but i am not going to say much more. JUST I AM PISSED.

Review about: Taco Bell Taco.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #239596

Wow, I can not believe people come here just to bash someone for their legitamate complaint. Seriously, get a life Tasha and catty!

He was obviously misled and possibly ripped off. Imo, if you advertise something, thats exactly what you should be selling.

The main ingredient is meat, therfore it should have more meat than anything else, that makes sense to me. Does that not make sense to you?


He was wrong to expect his food to look like the picture? Wouldn't customer service would of been, hey sorry I will add a little bit more meat (it will cost the company what, five cents).

I rarely eat out any more, why? Prices are horrible. You spend 20.00 for lunch at fat (fast) food and you get *** for service. I don't care you make minimum wage, were did my 20.00 for couple tacos, side order and drink go?

The food might of cost 5.00 of that 20.00. This is why places close down.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #225493

wow, this is a classic!!you really beleive the picture? everyone knows that the actual item has to made by a prescribed formula which the person making it has to follow.

most people understand this, it's not their fault. just following the rules.

if they made it like the picture would you be willing to pay a lot more money for that item? just a point to ponder.


I currently work at taco bell and there is no such thing as an xl taco. We have xl chalupas and taco supremes.

And the tacos are made to be 2/3 lettuce and sour cream.

That is the recipe for them. Next time get your facts straight.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #211686

Mcar71 is another six year old who stole his parents car and went to the drive thru. Many people know that the ads of food don't look the same.

Pajas Blancas, Montevideo, Uruguay #206909

I think you had write to be upset. We had the same experience.

Taco Bell customer service is beyond poor. I will spend my money where you can get quality food and quality customer service.

They should spend time developing their employees. They would not be in business without consumers.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201481

Exactely how old are you six? An adult knows that advertisments of ANY restaurant make the food look bigger and more tasty. Maybe if yuo acted your age and not like a six year old they would not have wanted you to leave so badly.

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