I recently visited a Taco Bell in Florence, Ky. I asked for a cheesy double decker taco that is being advertised in my area (at least).

After explaining what I want to 3 different people I asked for a refund. While the manager was giving me my refund she tells me the item does not exist. I explain I have seen it on commercials and they have it at other locations. She shakes her head while trying to figure out how to do a refund.

I not so politely mentioned she should stop shaking her head and she proceeds to tell me she has been with Taco Bell for 19 years and she should know. I explain to her that this would be relevant if the item wasn't only 19 days old and that other stores have this.

She tells me they are the only store in the nation that has it then. I couldn't help but to mimick her and just shake my head right out the door.

Review about: Taco Bell Manager.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #145254

"I couldn't help but to mimick her and just shake my head right out the door."

So mimicking someone makes you what like six. They don't have it so they don't have it.

Grow up. Maybe she was shaking her head at how rude and childish you were acting. Maybe she could not do your refund in a timely manner because you kept interupting. Seriously you need to grow up.

One thing you should know, these television ads are nationwide, so it was not being advertized in your area. Stop acting like you are better than her and know more than her, because with your childish attitude you ar not better than her.

Get over it and act your age, not like some six year old who did not get their way. I bet not only your attitude is that of a six year old but your reading and comprenhension as well, what part of at participating locations don't you understand.


i don't know which is more sad:

the fact that manager had been there for 19 years, or the fact that usually on most advertisements they have something that says "participating locations only"? which means this was not one of those "participating locations"?


Order something else....or are you too narrow-minded? I am from Ky, and I live in another state now. They do not all have the same products at the same time....get over it!

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #110723

You're a loser.

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