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Update by user Dec 22, 2018

Just spoke to another zombie at corporate. All she repeated was " We are overwhelmed right now so it may take longer than the three days." Listening skills are critical...its been TWO effin weeks.

Now what?

Wait till you get around to it? ***

Update by user Dec 22, 2018

Update..Still no one will do a damn thing about this. Im seriously calling an attorney.

Im tired of people feeling like they can take my money and not give it back while i suffer with my kids to not be able to eat. Thats a damn shame. Considering everything we had under our tree was burnt to a crisp with all of our personal and priceless family photos, and things my husband left to them were also taken from us by negligent fire from a neighbors apartment. We werent even the ones who started the fire however we suffered the greatest.

Im so frustrated with this run around.

Youll think twice before brushing off your customers as if they were miniscule flecks of *** on your windshield. I promise this fact.

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2018

Ive had to repeat this seventeen times now to no avail. Next up im suing. Zero craps given even if its only 15$ its mine and its for the darn principal.

First off, your app is buggy and crashes. Dont offer tech support, I am a developer. Fix it or remove it from the marketplace until it work properly.

Secondly, I have no words to describe how angry i am. I purchased a ten dollar gift card on 12-8. Also got the extra 5$ gift card for my ten dollar purchase as a bonus. Someone in our building burned down our home that day. We lost most of our belongings. We have insurance bit its not instant and we were already feeling the loss from my husbands passing in August. Desperate for a way to make sure my three children could eat until i could figure something out, i took the last 13$ i had to get the ten dollar card and 5$ bonus because of that reason alone. Sounds ok so far right? WRONG! Heres why.

App crashed while i was checking out. Used my 15$ and put the remaining 1.25$ on my credit card that had 79. Cents balance. Put the wrong card info for my visa in and it was declined. After which the app crashed due to an error. No need to panic...restart the app?? Restarted app...went to check out again...added my credit card. Guess what?? DECLINED. My gift card balances were GONE. Called the store. Talked to the most unintelligent manager Ive ever had the pleasure of speaking with for 15 minutes looking for my order, then being told there was no order placed. Then was told they "didnt know much about the app and werent responsible for it because they didnt build it and to just go buy 15$ more if it was that big of a deal" . Wow!! I started to cry. This was the only means for my kiddos to eat that day. So I call the gift card number on the back of the card. Talked to someone who told me they didnt handle funds on cards and to call corporate. Seriously?? Called corporate. Spoke to a lady who was so idiotic it made my head hurt. She had me repeat myself 8 times or more. After which she couldnt repeat to me my email address so i could verify they had the correct one on file. She told me it would take 3-5 business days to go back on my card, refused to give her name and hung up on me. I was livid by this point. What the hell?!?! Well its been 11 days. Guess what? Still no damn refund. Some one is going to fix this. Had it not been for dominos pizza points given to me from a stranger on facebook, my kids wpuldve went hungry and not one decent person from Taco Bell offered to help in any way shape or form to grt the funds returned. This is the most ridiculous and unneccessary act of inhumanity ive ever witness in my life. Im calling corporate again today when they open. . i swear on my husbands grave i will spare no expense to prove a point. Mean people suck. Thats the point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Entire ordeal.

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I understand that this whole situation has made you feel stressed. You know what helps me calm down? Sitting by a nice warm fire.

to Taco Bell Corporate #1620038

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You best believe youregonna pay for that statement you unfeeling, heartless *** I cant even believe they let you wrote that statement and post it.


Big spender: be sure to take at least $10,000 for your attorney.

to Anonymous #1617547

Its almost worth it. The *** ice had to go through to get a taco for my kids is absurd.

Ive got a few friends who are paralegals.

Theyve enlisted in the campaign. Operation Theft is illegal.

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