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A relative was hired, as a manager, at a store here in Idaho. He was promised 3 weeks off a year and other benefits.

A year has past and NO time off. No benefits. Nothing, but working 7 days a week.He has children and a wife who would love to have time with him.He has excelled in everything the company has asked him to do. Very poor upper management, and staffing.

I'm advocating a Boycott on all Taco Bells. Unfair working conditions.

Like all big corporations, work the employees to death and pocket the money.. Slavery was done away with, in the Civil War!!

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my time was short lived at taco bell. not because of the job itself I actually enjoyed it but because I had an awful manager, a miserable old woman that made everyone else miserable.

Some really do treat employees bad because to them I think we are disposable. the boss lady told me to my face that there are plenty of high school kids that want my job. they sort of have you by the balls too if you try to stick up for yourself you will most likely get fired. a lot of disrespect for a minimum wage job.

I couldn't bare humiliation for $200 a check any longer! moving on to a place where my customer service experience is actually valued.


I am tired of them talking to me like 12 years a slave. Every science regional manager wanted to train me foe manager people have been jealous and ignorant, yelling at me during service like a slave owner, I can't show another co worker how to do their job without being told to be quiet.

Fuxk that! I will slap you with a burrito!

Mascot, Tennessee, United States #768085

It is a shame that thing grown man cannot stand up for himself and needs someone to fight his battles. Most likely his mommy.


As a salary manager for Taco Bell I know the 50 hour schedule is just a minimum. I also know that sometimes I have to work everyday to fix my store.

However me hard work has turned my store into a well oiled machine, which makes it possible to use all of my PTO and vacation time.

As a GM it's hard sometimes to break away unless you have the right people in place to entrust with running the show. Now assistants and under have no reason not to be getting their time off, and should call the employee hotline if their manager is not allowing them to use it.

Hartford, Wisconsin, United States #582706

I work at Taco Bell, and only have been for a few short weeks. Let's start at the fact that they did not pay me for my training, which they are supposed to do.

Second, I made the mistake of pushing the cash button when credit was being used, and therefore offsetting the drawer balance, even though no food was made and no resources were lost. THEY MADE ME PAY BACK THE MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET. Third, they had some of us TODAY working without letting us punch in because of "too much labor" and forcing us to punch out in rotations on breaks and CONTINUE WORKING.

this is complete *** and i am pissed.

to id0lsandanc***s #764814

I'm a manager at Taco Bell and all of these things are dead wrong!!!! You are not allowed to pull money out of your pocket!!!

They can not ask you to work off the clock!!!! They should have the hotline number posted in your restaurant you really need to call it!!

to dagr8dondada #768057

they do the same thing at my place of employment with taco bell as well. if you work past 11 on the weekdays, they clock you out because you are not supposed to be there past 11, but 9 out 10 times we are so short staffed you are still cleaning til after 11.

also do the same thing on weekends. management tells employees they are lazy constantly, and says "you don't need a break, you are only here for 8 hours". On a 9 hour shift, which is my norm, I'm lucky to get a 30 minute break. The gm also schedules himself for 50 hours a week, and doesn't show up around 30 of those hours but somehow still gets paid for it.

When asked where he was, he says that is his business and he is the gm and he can do what he wants. Corporate has been called, and nothing was done.

As a matter of fact, the guy from corporate that a friend talked to said he was very disgusted that the employee called him instead of going to the gm, even after that person said they had already been to the gm and nothing was done. It's a trashy place to work, upper management does not care about its employees what so ever.

to dagr8dondada West Bend, Wisconsin, United States #1226824

Actually I've had to pay out of my own pocket because of a drawer being short or a refund


I worked almost 2 years on TacoBell at Fairlakes in Fairfax Virginia. The worst condition EVER!

I just resigned because they do not mind the employees basic rights like breaks, vacations and time off.

The corporation do not hear the employees complaints against the store managers. Is a complete CHAOS.

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