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I pulled thru the drive thru at the Lake City Taco Bell. I drive a Ford F250 diesel truck.

The girl does not even wait till she knows if she can hear you ordering, just ask you to shut off your vechile(they aren't paying for my diesel @ $4.20 a gallon). I told her I perfer not to shut off my truck and will pull up to window. She said we are not suppost to take orders at the window.

I said ok I will just call the 800 number & left. First off, she could hear me, second if I wanted to turn off my vechile I would have not gone thru the drive thru I would have walked in, also my truck is not nearly as loud as a Semi-truck, also real funny I can hear being deaf in one ear.

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I'm torn on this one, because I agree with trip on the points about a drive thru, however Like the OP stated if he wanted to turn off the truck he would have went inside.

A car can idle for 5 minutes, or start up on the same amount of fuel, and with gas being so expensive this was a factor for the OP.

If this is a known problem for drive thru's and a company decides to limit the problems from it, they should post a sign at drive thru that way the customer knows ahead of time and can make an informed decision.

I personally refuse to be parked when I go through drive thru. That is mainly done to keep drive thru times down, but it is a false number. I want that number to represent the time I actually had to wait. If i wanted to park I would have went in.


Is the OP even old enough to drive or did they steal their parents truck for a joyride. It is a shame when someone who is old enough to drive acts like they are still 7 years old.


listen to what Trip said. and Cflc, you're just a ***.

no one gives a *** about your truck. so just turn it off next time if it helps them.

just because you're ordering there doesn't mean you're the king and they're your slaves. just do what they ask, just as long as it's not too outrageous, if you want some food.


Diesel vehicles are absurdly loud on the headsets for a few reasons:

A. It's diesel, it's going to be much louder than regular vehicles, regardless of what you think.

B. Your truck is higher off the ground than normal vehicles, therefore, the mic on the speaker-box is picking up your engine and exhaust note more than your voice.

C. Taking orders at the window completely derails the flow and production, resulting in a major lag for everyone.

Be more considerate next time :)

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