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When ordering at the Taco bell on West Ave in Lacrosse, I asked for a Crispy chicken Quesadilla. The woman on the intercom told me "we don't have that." Confused, since I just ordered one yesterday and they had it, I repeated her and said "you don't have a crispy chicken quesadilla?" She then said rudely to me "That's what I just said" Taken back a little, I ordered something else and moved on in line.

When I got to the window I gave her my card. When she opened the window to return my card and hand me my food, she was looking at the cars behind and began dropping profanities. I'm assuming she was talking to someone inside the building. but the worst part was that she said "I *** hate White people." She had Many F bombs in our brief exchange.

This woman was extremely unprofessional and being a White person Myself I found her very offensive and inappropriate. When I got home I called and asked to speak to the Manager. The guy who answered said he was.

When I told him my story he had no words of regret or concern he only said to me that he would talk to his boss about it. He couldn't have been any less Interested in my experience , and how despicable his employee behave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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