I went to purchase the same taco ive been getting since i was a small child and the lady at the counter tells me that i can not have my taco the way i want to that if i want it that way i have to add 50cents for nacho cheese and the taco has to come with lettuce tomatoe and sour cream when i am buying the taco the way i want it please explain this to me asap 9064503593 and know your telling me that in order to complain theres a certian amount of words i have to do it in i will never buy taco bell nor will i ever say anything good about taco bell nor will i ever suggest taco bell i am a vet and understand the rights of a patriot and you taco beel are taking the american right away if i pay for something i am paying for it the way i want it.

Review about: Taco Bell Taco.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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So they told you, yes u can have your taco your way.. It will just cost extra for the extra stuff your asking for?

food cost money love. you can get everything for free.


This site is managed by the Taco Bell Corp. is is designed to keep compliants from being sent to the angencies that will actually do something about it.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME oe ENERGY complaining on this site. goto the BBB.com (better business)


Nobody forced you to buy a taco. Take what they offer or go make your own. Lazy.

And nobody cares if you never go there again, they have millions of customers.

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