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I paid for my order and went and sat down by the drink station. A male customer was standing a few feet from the counter, closer than me.

We both waited for our numbers to be called. I had a big order, it was $35.00. I was feeding five people in my family. Well, time went by and a male Taco Bell employee threw four bags up on the counter and turned and walked off.

I looked at the man by the counter and he looked at me, like well, who`s is it? I thought they had to add more to the order, so he didn`t call out the number. Finally, after the woman taking orders, walked over to the bags and asked "who`s order is this?" An employee (male) said # 165, I called it four times!!! Well, the man standing by the counter said in a mad voice "He didn`t call ***!!!" I walked over and said "this is my order?

Well thanks for not calling the number and now its cold!" The guy from the back, the one that put my order there, said some smart remark. I could hear him, but it wasn`t clear. The employee that took my order asked the guy that was mouthing off, "are you talking to me or the customer?," he didn`t answer. I said toward the back, "I`ll call management, don`t worry!

As I walked out the door, I looked back and the woman in the drive -thru was watching me, and when I saw her looking at me, she all of a sudden smiled and waved, kind of like in a smart-*** way. I cannot believed the way it all happened, all because I went there and spent $35.00. I guess the employee was mad that my order was big, who knows. Then I got home and I saw that four bean burritos were missing.

I called to tell them about it, and of course they wouldn`t answer the phone. I let it ring and ring and it just stopped. So, I can`t and won`t ever go back to that Taco Bell. I`ll drive to the other one that is a lot farther instead.

I know what will happen if they remember me, I`ll have something "done" to my food. It happens, I know, I worked in fast food. I don`t want to even try because I can`t trust that store.

I have been there countless times, and this is how I get treated. I just hope one day each one of the bad employees get the same treatment one day and soon.

Review about: Taco Bell Taco.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Next time pay attention when they call the order, you have no idea how many times I have call and scream the number and they are just a few meters distracted and don't even HEAR that I'm calling their number... And you right we remember YOU and do STUFF to your food...


So because you most likely did not hear them, they are in the wrong, next time pay attention.


Most restaurants don't always answer the phone, it depends on how busy they are. You have to call at certain times of the day in order for them to answer the phone and as mad as you are you should be able to figure out what times those are.

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