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this was by far the worst taco bell i have been to ever and the sad part is that i worked there about 15 years ago.. and this is the second time that i was just so unsatisfied with the service.. i mean the first time was just two weeks ago where i get to the drive thru with my kids and girlfriend all just can't stay away from taco bell so was near this one at the time which we don't go to at all but was near here at the time but not only did we have to wait for someone to pick up on the speaker but once they did i asked was they open (which they was and should had been because i had hours before closing) but once i asked if they was open the employee told me not really!!! i mean what?? me, my kids and girl was like what?? not really? what do you mean not really?? so i pulled off and seen another employee cleaning the parking lot and asked him and he told me they was open so i went back in the drive thru to try this again (((We LOVE taco bell))).. again there is someone playing and just sounding like I'm a friend of one of theirs saying.. hey whats up what can i get you...??? wow sad.. so i just left and went to Denny's with the family to get food and just left it alone.. but then just last night I'm thinking man i want some taco bell and didn't want to drive all the way on the other sideof town to get it.. soooo back to new york avenue i go.. someone greated me right away but was seeming like they was in a rush to get me off the intercom even though no one else was in line but me.. so after being hurried to order once i get my chicken Quesaritos that i love so much this is the absolute first time that they was sooo dry.. i mean i had to put hotsauce on every bit of them just to give it some type of flavor like they too was rushed to be made.. i mean i know its fast food but please how bout a lil more love for the food, and the job!!!!! oh and this is a kfc and taco bell together so i asked for the small lil wings with my quesorito and they didn't have any at all??? do they no longer make or sell the honey bbq wing or the regular spicy ones?? man i so mad last night

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "gift card will be fine" as the author lost $65. This person is overall dissatisfied with Taco Bell. The most disappointing about taco bell drive-through at Taco Bell was quality of food and time it took to get the order Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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