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On Saturday night Sept 28th myself, my husband, my daughters and my son in laws went through the drive up window at the Taco Bell at 4141 Mormon Coulee Road in La Crosse, Wi. The rude girl at the window took our order, got it wrong (forgetting 3 chapulas) so when we called her on it she told us to pull forward because they had so many people waiting in line.

We waited for 20 minutes and no one came to give us our food so my husband and son in law went to the door to ask where the rest of our food was, and she acted like she didn't even remember us and told us to go back through the drive through if we wanted more food. (Really). Well by this time all the other food that we had ordered was cold, so we went back through the drive through and asked the rude girl to get her manger. Dan was the manager, the big blonde girl refused to give us her 1st name.

My daughter is a general manager of a very large food chain and knows about customer service, something that Dan knows nothing about. My daughter explained to him what had happened and his response was "well we did not stop you from eating your food while you were waiting) Really!!!!! Dan refused to exchange the cold food or give us a refund. This was without a doubt the worst customer service I have had in 56 years.

We will never go back to this establishment again and neither will the hundreds of people i work with after I tell them what happened.

Taco Bell obviously will hire any non skilled thugs off the street who care nothing about their customers. This was a horrible experience that I I hope no one else ever has to go through.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Hauula, Hawaii, United States #753543

You call someone old enough to work "girl" and they are the rude ones. Don't refer to someone as a child when your spelling skills are poor. It is manager not manger.

"We will never go back to this establishment again and neither will the hundreds of people i work with after I tell them what happened."

So you really believe they will all stop going there because of what you say. You really think you are that powerful. You must be a "girl" yourself to believe this.

The "manger" is right you could have eaten the food while you waited.

Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #753428

Thank you for sharing your experience. The news will spread and Taco Bell will continue to lose business.

They better get their act together quick. I sure won't be eating there anymore.


Chapulas is spanish for nut sack.

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