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I got into the Taco Bell (located on lynnhaven drive in the walmart parking lot) drive through line because it wasn't long and I was in a rush to make it to my night shift on time. I am infuriated that it took over 30 mins to get four cars through the drive through (I stopped counting after 30 mins)!

I started honking my horn because I could not get out of the line, and I was now late for my night shift at work. I finally got to the window and this older white man, pushed the younger employee with my food out of the way and started to be completely and unacceptably rude to me. He told me that honking was not doing me any favors and that people in front of me had large orders. There is absolutely no excuse it should've taken over 30 mins to get 4 cars through.

He was being completely snarky as he laughed in my face. He then went on telling me how there had been no one in the lobby for over forty-five minutes and I could've came inside, which I could not since I was blocked in a line with cars in front of me and cars behind me. If no one is in the lobby then shouldn't the employees be working hard to get the drive through moving since they have no one else to attend to? This incident has now ended my business with Taco Bell.

Which is sad since I've been going to there for many years. I work in the food industry, this was the worst customer service. They should have tried to make the upset customer happy instead of intentionally trying to make them even more angry. If anything, they shouldn't have said anything about the manner as I pulled up to the window.

I've never been so infuriated, and treated so disrespectfully by a food industry that I have felt the need to file a complaint about the company. Needless to say, I didn't get my food either.

& If I wasn't in the passenger side of the car... Things would have been different.

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #938165

I had a similar experience at TB with a few cars ahead of me in line. Absolute chaos & no leadership whatsoever.

Blind lobotomized monkeys would have provided superior & more swifter service. The cashier was apologetic for the tremendously long wait time.

South Haven, Michigan, United States #937137

If this indeed the worst experience of your life, you live a very protected life.

You have no idea why it took as long as it did, you just think you do and I don't blame them for being rude to you.

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