My sons went to Taco Bell and ordered nacho supremes with no meat, beans, cheese with no red sauce, loaded potato grillers no potatoes because they have food allergies and also got a few other things for me and their dad. They were not given a receipt.

They pulled into the parking lot to check it and saw that it was wrong- the nachos had meat and the beans had sauce- so they pulled back through the drive thru. The managers argued with them because they didn't have a receipt and wouldn't replace anything even though my sons were trying to give the food back to be replaced and it had only been less than 5 minutes since they got the food to begin with.

My son called me so I told him to stay there while I called thinking that the manager thought my kids were just young teenagers trying to score some free food and that after I called, she would replace the messed up items.

Nope. I talked to 2 rude and arrogant managers and argued with them. They said it didn't matter if they forgot to give a receipt, they still wouldn't fix anything. wtf?

I told them I was calling corporate and she said go ahead, this is a franchise so corporate won't do anything anyway.

This happened in Yukon, OK at the Taco Bell on Mustang Road. I think it was just 2 females (Shania and Crystal) on a power trip. But that's fine, I can have a bigger power trip when I get corporate and the franchise owners involved. Even though it's a franchise, there are still rules they have to follow and corporate usually gets pissed when they get a complaint from a franchise.

All this took so long, that by the time my kids got back with the food, the items that were made correctly, were cold and nasty. My oldest didn't have much to eat at all because all of his food was messed up. I tried to pick out the chips that didn't have meat on them and scrape off the red sauce from the beans, but there wasn't much left after that.

I am beyond pissed for stupidity like this to happen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Taco Bell Nachos.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I think you are leaving out part of the story. So why didn't your kids just ask for a receipt when they were not given one?

Madelia, Minnesota, United States #1067426

make me a pb&j sandwich -hold the bread jelly and peanutbutter.lmao TROLLLLLLL!!!""

Leander, Texas, United States #935786

I just got Taco Bell and I asked for 3 Doritos nochow chese and when I looked at the order I had 1 and the rest were supreme so I called the manager she argued with me so fuge I now hate Taco Bell

to Racheal #1095382

The reason that you were given the wrong order was because you cannot speak clearly and they probably did not understand what you wanted. I can see this as the issue if you speak the way you type. Also how can you complain about your issue and tell that user who is allergic to avocado that he is wrong and that you agree with Taco Bell.


I was at taco bell yesterday, and i'm deathly alergic to avacado, asked for a grilled stuffed burrito with NO avacado, told them i was allergic and to ensure there were none, told me yes sir i will check. as im eating it i taste something nasty, EXTRA AVACADO?!?!?!!?

long story short was in the hospital all day. and they told me it was my fault.

to Tyler Leander, Texas, United States #935983

I Agree

to Racheal London, England, United Kingdom #1095379

Why do you agree, how is it Tyler's fault. He specifically told them he was allergic to avocado and they still put it in his taco.

What if it has been a ,more serious allergy and he went through antipathetic shock and died?

to James #1231628

Antipathetic shock? What's that? Oh, did you mean Anaphylactic shock?

to Tyler Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States #1211523

Sounds like a complete load of *** to me, you're lying.

to Tyler Naples, Florida, United States #1260498

WHY wouldn't you look first before you bit into it I am wondering? People make mistakes, even when you are explicit.

It happens. AS someone with a relative with a peanut allergy, food is still triple checked BEFORE the kid eats it.


" ordered nacho supremes with no meat, beans, cheese with no red sauce, loaded potato grillers no potatoes"

HAHAHA, OMG, anyone who takes this seriously needs to learn to recognize trolls


No receipt ? isn't that weird ?


Your sons are old enough to drive they don't need mommy to fight their battles whenever someone says no to them. Do you still breastfeed them and change their diapers?

Do they still cry to you when something goes wrong.

You sound like a six year old by assuming being told is the same as rudeness, so I will address your stupidity, being told no is not the same as being rude. Also claiming discrimination because they did not fix your order shows more of your stupidity, that and the fact that you still baby your sons.

using words like stupidity makes me wonder if you have the mentality of a six year old.

to Anonymous Leander, Texas, United States #935987

That is rude and disrespectful to not only other people but you so baseicly your calling your self *** so where's your mommy


My local taco bell gets our order wrong ALL THE TIME. we ordered 2 chciken gorditas and we got one chicken and one beef.

wtf? im NOT lying (trust me) but a year ago, i had ordered a chalupa and ended up finding a cockrach (or watever that was) in it!

i think my dad got a refund, idk but thats low quality service, sure their food might be good but i lost my appetite that day and it wasnt worth it. :(

to firestone Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #966075

Cockrach are bad!


Go somewhere else.


So let me get this straight, besides whatever they ordered for you and their dad, basically, all your boys wanted was tortilla chips which was supposed to be nacho supremes, and loaded potato grillers which without the potatoes, would be just bacon bits, cheese, and low-fat sour cream wrapped in a tortilla. Call me crazy, but with that order, it doesn't sound like they would not have been filled up after eating what they ordered anyway.

You would have done better just buying a bag of Tostitos, and tortillas, bacon bits, cheese, and sour cream. The Taco Bell workers probably thought your boys orders were ridiculous, because let's be honest, who orders nacho supremes without any cheese, beans, etc... or orders loaded potato grillers without the main ingredient - potatoes? I know the saying well, "The customer is always right", but really?

No one in his/her right mind would order food at a Taco Bell if they had food allergies that eliminated the main essential ingredients that made those particular dishes.

This whole story sounds so ridiculous that it is insulting which I am sure, was how the Taco Bell employees felt. :?


That is certainly a bad experience no one should have to deal with.

Taco Bell isn't really suited for food allergies. A lot of materials, equipment, hands, and food get mixed up with everything, so things can transfer easily. Even if you cannot see any of bad food, a person can still have their allergies act up. Not that I am saying people with food allergies should not get to eat there.

It's always best to inform them the order is due to food allergies. Of course, this still may or may not work, but it's more likely to help out. The other problem with caution is time. I've worked in fast food before, and we took every step (cleaning knives, changing gloves, wiping down equipment) for food allergy customers very carefully which can take a little longer to fill the order.

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States #705264

I will address everyone’s stupidity in one response because it amazes me how uneducated people can be about certain things. This is only aimed at the ones who don’t have a firm grip on reality which unfortunately seems to be most (but not all) of the people who replied..

They were not given a receipt, they didn’t throw it away. This taco bell rarely gives receipts and yet, they have always fixed anything that was messed up, otherwise my kids are good about getting receipts. The lobby was closed. The drive thru was the only thing open but what difference would it have made if they went inside or back through the drive thru? How often do you sit at the window and check everything in the bag? Really? If someone sat at the window checking their food in front of you, you would get pissed.

Yes, places like that can make those SIMPLE adjustments. People go to taco Bell all the time and order no cheese on a taco because their religion doesn’t allow two types of food from an animal to be in one meal because it is not Kosher. Other people go to Taco Bell and order beans in place of meat because they are vegetarian. And still other religions order loaded potato grillers without the bacon bits because it comes from a cloven hoofed animal. To say that a fast food place can’t make an adjustment is asinine.

Discriminating against someone who has food allergies is ILLEGAL. You’re trying to tell me that making nachos without the meat is too hard? Or saving a few seconds by not putting red sauce on the beans is too much too ask? Or that folding a griller without the bulky potatoes in it makes it harder? Those are complicated food orders? Seriously? I’m sorry that those simple requests are above your IQ level. And the loaded potato griller is delicious without the potato.

By the way I am not a sir. Why should we go to a vegetarian restaurant? What is wrong with the world is uneducated people. I do not think anyone is in my way except *** people. Asking for a few simple things to be left off is not self-centered. PEOPLE ASK FOR THEIR FOOD TO BE SPECIAL MADE ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY. Why the *** do you think they have specific buttons on the registers to do just that?

I did not say I was asking for healthy options. If I wanted healthy that particular night I *** sure wouldn’t have went to Taco Bell, but like I said, they are, or should be trained in how to make it however the customer orders it. When it shows up on the screen where the order is being placed, correctly, then the food should also be made correctly. I’m sorry you are not confident enough with your food sensitivities to go out and order things how you can eat them. And if you want to be technical, they can cater to dietary restrictions.. remember the little specific buttons on the register I just mentioned? Yes, those. If it is not mixed into something, then they can leave it out.

I wouldn’t go there and tell them to make meat without the ingredients my son is allergic to, but they can very easily leave the meat off of it. Allergies are no different than a person with ethical or religious beliefs asking for a certain food to be left off of their order.

I still can’t believe there are people who think nobody else orders things special. Obviously you haven’t ever worked in a fast food place. It happens several times a day every. Single. Day.

I am very concerned with their food issues. That is precisely why I have taught them to read labels and how to order food without allergens when they do go out. It is not our fault the people at that Taco Bell on that particular night, were *** and on a power trip. Like I said before, when the other manager is working, everything is right except for one time and then he apologized and remade what was wrong.

Yes, I am going to invest time and emotion into this so called silly thing because how they were treated by the managers was completely wrong and out of line. I scraped off the meat that was on top of the cheese so the meat didn’t touch anything so yes, that was safe for them to eat as well as the beans after the red sauce was gone.

The meat is not the problem, it’s the ingredients that are mixed in with the meat that they are allergic to so no, we do not need to go to a vegetarian restaurant. I have taught my kids how to make delicious and also intricate and exotic meals so I would say both of my kids know how to prepare their own food. They can probably cook a *** of a lot better than you. But that still doesn’t make a difference whether or not they know how to prepare their own foods. Sometimes, a person just wants something fast and easy and that is our right, just like it is our right to order a freaking potato griller without the *** potatoes. What is it hurting you if we don’t want the potatoes on it? We’ve ordered that several times from three separate Taco Bells, including this one before these new managers started working here, and never had a problem with it.

What do I wish to accomplish with this complaint? To have that food replaced, have the appropriate action taken against the managers for their rudeness, and I’m not suggesting to fire them either.. and I guess to also *** off a bunch of ignorant people on here.

I do want to thank (almost) everyone on here for the laughs. I didn’t realize so much ignorance could abound in one place. It’s sad really. I know next time, if I want knowledgeable responses, not to come back here.


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