My sons went to Taco Bell and ordered nacho supremes with no meat, beans, cheese with no red sauce, loaded potato grillers no potatoes because they have food allergies and also got a few other things for me and their dad. They were not given a receipt.

They pulled into the parking lot to check it and saw that it was wrong- the nachos had meat and the beans had sauce- so they pulled back through the drive thru. The managers argued with them because they didn't have a receipt and wouldn't replace anything even though my sons were trying to give the food back to be replaced and it had only been less than 5 minutes since they got the food to begin with.

My son called me so I told him to stay there while I called thinking that the manager thought my kids were just young teenagers trying to score some free food and that after I called, she would replace the messed up items.

Nope. I talked to 2 rude and arrogant managers and argued with them. They said it didn't matter if they forgot to give a receipt, they still wouldn't fix anything. wtf?

I told them I was calling corporate and she said go ahead, this is a franchise so corporate won't do anything anyway.

This happened in Yukon, OK at the Taco Bell on Mustang Road. I think it was just 2 females (Shania and Crystal) on a power trip. But that's fine, I can have a bigger power trip when I get corporate and the franchise owners involved. Even though it's a franchise, there are still rules they have to follow and corporate usually gets pissed when they get a complaint from a franchise.

All this took so long, that by the time my kids got back with the food, the items that were made correctly, were cold and nasty. My oldest didn't have much to eat at all because all of his food was messed up. I tried to pick out the chips that didn't have meat on them and scrape off the red sauce from the beans, but there wasn't much left after that.

I am beyond pissed for stupidity like this to happen!

Review about: Taco Bell Nachos.

Monetary Loss: $20.


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I think you are leaving out part of the story. So why didn't your kids just ask for a receipt when they were not given one?

Madelia, Minnesota, United States #1067426

make me a pb&j sandwich -hold the bread jelly and peanutbutter.lmao TROLLLLLLL!!!""

Leander, Texas, United States #935786

I just got Taco Bell and I asked for 3 Doritos nochow chese and when I looked at the order I had 1 and the rest were supreme so I called the manager she argued with me so fuge I now hate Taco Bell

to Racheal #1095382

The reason that you were given the wrong order was because you cannot speak clearly and they probably did not understand what you wanted. I can see this as the issue if you speak the way you type. Also how can you complain about your issue and tell that user who is allergic to avocado that he is wrong and that you agree with Taco Bell.


I was at taco bell yesterday, and i'm deathly alergic to avacado, asked for a grilled stuffed burrito with NO avacado, told them i was allergic and to ensure there were none, told me yes sir i will check.as im eating it i taste something nasty, EXTRA AVACADO?!?!?!!?

long story short was in the hospital all day.and they told me it was my fault.

to Tyler Leander, Texas, United States #935983

I Agree

to Racheal London, England, United Kingdom #1095379

Why do you agree, how is it Tyler's fault.He specifically told them he was allergic to avocado and they still put it in his taco.

What if it has been a ,more serious allergy and he went through antipathetic shock and died?

to James #1231628

Antipathetic shock? What's that? Oh, did you mean Anaphylactic shock?

to Tyler Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States #1211523

Sounds like a complete load of *** to me, you're lying.

to Tyler Naples, Florida, United States #1260498

WHY wouldn't you look first before you bit into it I am wondering?People make mistakes, even when you are explicit.

It happens.AS someone with a relative with a peanut allergy, food is still triple checked BEFORE the kid eats it.

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