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I visited ta o bell n Birmingham all. 1/4/2014 my order was a #5 crunchy tacos the other was stuffed griied something for real my order was $12.36 worst money ever spent on food my dogs would not even eat it my dogs forreal people if you there just for check *** go get on food stamps with rest people who choose not to work.

But please don't mess with my food I work and pay for thank you.well let me see it was a Friday night 526pm I had he flu wanted to stop grab supper mind u it was 14miles one way off course I called they wanted me to bring it back to replace 28miles round trip with flu. That's why I am just now getting to post this.BRING IT BACK WHAT ABOUT MY MILAGE 28MILES PLUS COST FOOD FLU N GASSSSSSS THANK YOU TACO BELL

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #779481

firstly a #5 is NOT 12.36 you ordered something else.

secondly not everyone on food stamps is choosing NOT to work so take that ignorant comment and stuff it.

thirdly how the *** did you go 14miles away from the store before you checked your order?

ANYONE with 1/2 a brain cell knows whether it's drive thru or dining room ordered you check it THEN & THERE.

when you wait like you did it makes it look more like you're just one of these greedy generation gimmes as I like to call it.

who want something for nothing.

lastly it's not up to tacobell to pay for your gas because you were too dense to STAY there and check YOUR order.

so in closing i'd just like to call *** on this whole complaint

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #776829

Cook your own meals. It is cheaper, and you know what your getting.

It's TB, what do you expect? Just saying.

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